Break the rules.

Waiting days to weeks for core lab data on what your cells have consumed? Say NO to the core and regain that time.

The Rebel® puts control in your hands. Run spent media analysis at-line, anytime. Get real-time data on over 30 components in your cell growth media in minutes.


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Skip the status quo.

YOU run the Rebel alongside your bioreactors. The core lab doesn’t have to lift a finger. In 7 minutes you’ll get a quantitative list of amino acids, dipeptides, water soluble vitamins and amines. Combine that with your other standard biochemical markers and make decisions in a snap. You’ll shave process development cycles by weeks, if not more.

You say when and where.

The Rebel is simple. Pull a bioreactor sample, spin it down, and dilute. Load it in and hit start. Run samples solo or in 96-well plates if you’re a real go-getter.

There’s no futzing around with settings or analysis either. The Rebel already knows which knobs to turn, and data analysis is validated ahead of time. At the end of the run, you’ll have a full report on analytes detected and their concentration. Reports are uploaded to network drives automatically, so you can check results remotely too.


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Unbox and go.

Rebel consumable kits make it easy.  Reagents are premixed, and each kit comes with electrolyte, diluent, standards, sample plates, and a chip. That’s everything you need to run 200 samples. All in one box.

Popular FAQs:

  • How do I load samples and queue up a run on the Rebel?

    The Rebel accepts both septa capped vials and 96-well plates. We provide two plates with each consumable kit. The Rebel’s autosampler is cooled to 5 °C, and there are plate covers included in the kits to prevent evaporation. Once your samples are loaded, you can manually input your sample information using the Rebel’s intuitive user interface and touchscreen or import a CSV template file that you have already prefilled. The template expedites the process if you are loading a full plate of samples, and we provide the template to you during installation.

  • What data formats does the Rebel export, and how are the files saved?

    The Rebel saves processed reports in either CSV or PDF file formats. When configured for network storage, the files are saved in real time. No permanent storage of data files or reports is ensured on the Rebel if saved on the internal storage system. It is expected that your company’s corporate IT policies can be employed for the resulting files deposited on network shares for long term retention, fraud prevention and adulteration.

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Application Snapshot Booklet


Application Snapshot Booklet Biologics

Be fast and accurate with at-line cell media analysis

At-line spent media analysis is now a reality

Select the best CHO media from the start

Differences in fresh commercially available hybridoma media

Screening of chemically-defined media for suspension cultures of HEK293 cells

Analyze media without removing your mAb on the Rebel

Identify variations in dry and liquid CHO media

Cell and Gene Therapy

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell and Gene Therapy

Supplementing RPMI media with fetal bovine serum

Supplementing IMDM media with fetal bovine serum

Conventional and chemically-defined T cell medias

Amino acid contents of Sf9 and Sf21 insect cell media

Comparing mesenchymal stem cell media with supplements on the Rebel

Cell Culture

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell Culture

Serum supplemented media analysis is routine with the Rebel

Accelerate process development

Tease out variations in dry cell culture media

Basal cell media with 10% fetal bovine serum

Are you getting the cell culture media you expected?

Simply monitor initial vitamin levels


Application Snapshot Booklet Fermentation

How comparable are different vendors' LB media?

High variations of analyte levels in Terrific broth (TB) media

Investigating the high nutrient variations in Super Optimal Broth

Probing formulation differences in Super Optimal Broth

Similarities between different vendors’ 2X YT liquid media

Comparing standard microbial media from a single supplier

Don’t sweat your cell media additives

Handle non-ionic surfactants in cell media samples with ease

Poster Chat: Spent Media Analysis of CHO

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Demo Video

Rapid analysis of amino acids, water soluble vitamins, biogenic amines and dipeptides in cell growth media

Rapid at-line nutrient profiling from an ammonia stressed CHO cell line

The Importance of Cell Media Analysis in Upstream Bioprocess Development

Mass Spectrometry-Based Process Analytical Technologies for Cell Therapies

Unlocking rapid cell culture media analysis for cell and gene therapy process development

Be a REBEL with Your Cell Media Analytics

Redefine Bioprocess Analytics

Rapid at-line amino acid and nutrient profiling from bioprocess media with the Rebel

How can we accelerate PD analytics?


The Rebel lets you run comprehensive media analysis when and where you want it. Whether you are an upstream engineer taking samples from bioreactors, a media design group formulating chemically-defined blends or an analytical scientist supporting the needs of several groups, the Rebel eliminates analytics bottleneck and accelerates development cycles.

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