Texas Gang Investigators Association (TGIA)

Visit with 908 Devices at the Texas Gang Investigators Association to learn about the MX908 innovative handheld narcotics detector.

European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT)

ESACT fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of animal cell technology. This field plays a crucial role in developing cell-based therapies, vaccines, and other products derived from animal cells.

IABTI International In-Service Training

The International In-Service Training & Expo, also known as IABTI IST, is an annual event organized by the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators (IABTI). It’s a key event for professionals in various fields related to explosives.

CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition (NDIA)

Visit 908 Devices at the CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibit to learn about the latest chemical detection equipment and demo the MX908.

National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Annual Conference

908 Devices is pleased to exhibit at this years’ National Sheriffs’ Association – Annual Conference. The National Sheriffs’ Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through law enforcement education and training, and through the provision of general law enforcement informational resources.

TEDD Conference

Visit 908 Devices at the TEDD Conference to learn about the latest chemical weapon detection equipment and demo the MX908.

Warrior East

Meet with 908 Devices at Warrior East to receive a demo of the MX908 for chemical warfare detection, equipping your missions.

Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association ( ONEA)

At the upcoming ONEA Conference we will be showcasing the MX 908, a product designed to support advancements within narcotics enforcement.

California Gang Investigators Association (CGIA)

Visit our exhibit table at CGIA to see the MX908 in action and discuss how it can empower your team. Let’s work together to create a wider base of knowledge and find effective solutions to the challenges posed by street gangs.

National Homeland Security Conference

908 Devices looks forward to participating in The National Homeland Security Conference which brings together professionals in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Management.

The Protection and Maneuver Support Combined Industry Exhibition

The Regimental Associations of Fort Leonard Wood will sponsor the 2024 MSCoE “Protection and Maneuver Support” Week Industry Exhibition at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This inaugural event will be the first combined Industry Exhibition and Senior Leader Forum that will be conducted.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Meet with 908 Devices at IACP to learn about the latest techniques and technologies for narcotics detection and identification.

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