MX908 Interactive Tool

Gap Analysis Tool

See for yourself how the MX908 stacks up against other technologies.

Missions for Trace Detection and Identification

MX908_Narcotics_Trace Detection_application

MX908 in Drug Hunter Mission Mode optimizes detection and identification capabilities for drugs like fentanyl, opioids, amphetamines, and other high-priority drugs of abuse. The Fentanyl Analog Classifier unlocks detection capabilities for more than 2000 fentanyl analogs.

Hazmat and CBRN

MX908 in CW Hunter Mission Mode detects and identifies many emerging threats, including chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs). MX908 is the only handheld tool that identifies A-series CWAs, also known as fourth-generation agents or Novichoks, at trace levels. It is also the only tool available for the identification of aerosolized chemical warfare and pharmaceutical based agents.

MX908_Trace Explosives Detection

MX908 in Explosives Hunter Mission Mode detects trace levels of military and commercial grade explosives, homemade energetics, and relevant precursors. It cuts through background clutter to identify explosives clearly and rapidly in the field, allowing users to make confident decisions, quickly.

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