Put Your Mass Into It.

Kick your mass spec into overdrive.

ZipChip® is a front-end separation platform for your mass spectrometer that lets you measure multiple critical quality attributes (CQAs) in a single assay. Just clip it on. ZipChip uses a cutting-edge combination of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and electrospray ionization (ESI) to make fast, high-efficiency analysis possible for even the most challenging samples and answers the complex questions other techniques can’t.

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Roll with the pace.

As demand in the lab increases, ZipChip helps you step up the pace. Max out efficiency with little to no sample prep and 3-minute separations. ZipChip takes on challenging analytes like small molecule isomers and intact protein variants. And don’t worry about detergents, they’re no big deal for ZipChip.

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Keeping it simple.

ZipChip is simple to set up and easily integrates into existing lab workflows. Pick an application. Pick a chip and a kit. And off you go. The proprietary microfabrication technology on each chip simplifies the rest:

No capillaries to coat
No MS alignment needed
No small connections
No junction issues
No channel flushing between runs
No carryover issues

No fuss, no muss.

ZipChip consumables help take the guess work out of method development. Mix and match chips and kits to fit your application needs. Change applications with a quick chip swap and be up and running again in under 30 minutes.

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Cool new stuff.

Boost your data. Give your mass spec 20X higher sensitivity.

Perform near-native analysis on your standard QE. And even your Lumos.

ZipChip Resources

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ZipChip. Put your mass into it

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ZipChip helps you answer key questions about your most important molecules. Whether you’re analyzing biotherapeutic drug products to monitor critical quality attributes or growth media to optimize bioreactor production, ZipChip has an assay for you. From intact charge variant separations to small molecule analysis our assays are fast, sensitive, and provide unique separation abilities – all backed by the power of your mass spectrometer!

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