Chemical Detection

Stay ahead of the unexpected

Detect and identify trace-level chemical threats in the field in seconds.

MX908 Beacon

Area Monitoring Accessory

CBRNE detector for real-time identification of aerosol and vapor chemical warfare agents and pharmaceutical-based agents.

MX908 Beacon

Broad Threat Detection

MX908 delivers exceptional selectivity and sensitivity for identification of chemical warfare agents (CWAs), pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs), pesticides, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and more. This field-deployable tool leverages high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) to detect trace levels of traditional agents and threat chemicals as well as A-series CWAs, also known as fourth generation agents (FGAs) or Novichoks.

Novichoks & PBAs

Respond to inadvertent or intentional dispersal of pharmaceutical based agents.

Pesticide Identification

Identify trace amounts of toxic, and often illegal, pesticides which are routinely used at illegal marijuana grow sites.

Chemical Weapons

Detect and identify a broad range of threats in any phase, including aerosols.

Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Materials

Make quick, confident decisions when responding to any hazmat call.

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Now available through NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Respond In Real Time

MX908 lets responders quickly detect a broad range of solid, liquid, aerosol, and vapor threat categories – from the common to the extremely rare. Ongoing updates with real-world data let users quickly adapt to new priority threats as they evolve.

Close The Gap

Whether identifying military grade warfare agents, mitigating an active incident, or validating decontamination, responders need the selectivity to distinguish between threats and the sensitivity for high-fidelity trace detection. MX908 quickly delivers the actionable intelligence military and civilian responders need to be confident in the safety of their team and the public.

Mission Ready

CW Hunter Mission Mode detects and identifies many emerging threats, including chemical warfare agents and novel materials.  MX908 is the only field-deployable tool that identifies A-series CWAs, also known as fourth generation agents or Novichoks, at trace levels. It also distinguishes true agents from CWA simulants – in any phase. Real-time quantitation shows responders exactly how much agent is present.

Chemical Hazard Applications

Trace detection of chemical hazards from the battlefield to the streets.

Portable Mass Spectrometer


This rugged, handheld mass spec for real-time trace-level detection and identification of CWAs, PBAs, and TICs is used in the field by elite responders worldwide.

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