Chemical Detectors for Hazmat and CBRN

Comprehensive hazmat identification of liquid, solid, gas/vapor, and aerosol substances to keep first responders and the public safe.

Comprehensive Threat Identification of Hazardous and Toxic Materials

908 Devices’ suite of hazardous material identifiers delivers exceptional selectivity and sensitivity for identification of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) including Novichoks, pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs), pesticides, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and more.
The field-deployable high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) devices can detect, identify, and quantify thousands of hazardous materials in seconds, enabling first responders to make decisions quickly and safely.

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The Right Chemical Detection Equipment for Your Toolbox

Hazardous Material Response and CBRNE teams are faced with a variety of tasks at every scene. Whether they are detecting to warn or protect, determining limits of contamination, conducting sensitive site exploitation (SSE), or conducting and verifying decon, 908 Devices provides chemical identification tools for all of the tasks your team faces. Use ThreatID or ProtectIR to identify bulk chemical material, XplorIR to identify 5,600+ gases, and MX908 for trace identification.  We have you covered for any scenario your team faces.

Respond In Real Time

908 Devices builds point of need, chemical detectors for first responders that provide chemical identification in seconds to keep responders and the public safe. From common hazardous materials such as CO2, refrigerants, ammonia and other toxic industrial chemicals, to highly toxic chemical warfare and pharmaceutical-based agents.

Identification of Hazardous Materials in Any Phase

Hazardous materials come in many forms: solids, liquids, vapors/gases, and aerosols. Responders rely on our technology to identify these threats in the field, quickly and safely. Whether it’s a gas leak, white powder call, clandestine drug or homemade explosive (HME) laboratory, or a chemical warfare agent, first responders need to be able to identify the threat to keep themselves and the public safe. 908 Devices offers the most comprehensive suite of products for hazmat identification.

Chemical Hazard Applications

Trace and bulk detection and identification of chemical hazards on the front lines or in your local communities – where and when you need it.

Trace-level Analysis


Respond in real time with trace detection and identification of chemical threats at the point of need.


Bulk Liquid/Solid Identification


Confidently identify and assess thousands of chemical threats anywhere with this compact, lightweight, handheld FTIR device.

Solid/Liquid/Gas Identification


MX908 Beacon

Area Monitoring Accessory

CBRNE detector for real-time identification of aerosol and vapor chemical warfare agents and pharmaceutical-based agents.

MX908 Beacon

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