Area Monitoring

Continuous, Remote Area Monitoring for Aerosol and Vapor Chemical Threats

Area Monitoring for Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

MX908 Beacon is the only area monitoring solution that provides identification of aerosol and vapor chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs). Beacon provides increased battery life and communications to enable remote operation and data viewing for the MX908 with Aero, enabling more capability for elite responders conducting area monitoring missions around the world.

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MX908 Beacon was awarded a Gold ASTORS for Best CBRNE Detection System.
ASTORS is the Homeland Security Awards Program that recognizes innovations focused on homeland security and public safety.

High Priority Threat Coverage

MX908 is deployed by militaries and first responders around the world for detection and identification of chemical threats. With the addition of Beacon, operators can provide real-time identification of aerosol and vapor CWAs and PBAs for extended durations, adding a layer of protection for special events, hazmat response and critical infrastructure. With threat categories such as A-series agents (Novichoks), V-series agents, G-series agents, HD Mustard, and other chemical agents, MX908 Beacon provides superior coverage for the most toxic threats.

Ensuring Safety with MX908 Beacon

With MX908 Beacon, users can identify threats below hazardous levels to provide early warning, establish limits of contamination, monitor decontamination lines, and provide correct medical countermeasures. MX908 Beacon enables customers to remotely operate and monitor for extended periods of time from a central point, allowing personnel to attend to other activities on site. MX908 Beacon is compatible with any MX908 device and provides a remote communications package that allows users to operate and monitor multiple Beacons from anywhere in the world while sharing real-time data with their team.

Remote Area Monitoring

Area Monitoring for: 

  • Hazmat response  
  • Large events  
  • Exclusion zone monitoring  
  • Decontamination monitoring  
  • VIP Protection  
  • Clandestine lab operations  
  • CBRN Vehicles 

Webinar Speaker:
David A. Godin,
908 Devices,
Director of Field Forensics Applications

On Demand Webinar

Responding to Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

Join us as we dive deep into the latest tactics, detection techniques, and procedures related to current and emerging threats. We will share lessons learned from real world incident responses to help prepare you for the evolving threat landscape faced by first responders across the globe.

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Receive the latest information on emerging threats and response information, including chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs)
  • Discover the differences between aerosol and vapor threats, as well as the technologies available to detect them
  • Learn about MX908 Beacon, an area monitoring device for identification of CWAs and PBAs
  • Gain best practices for responding to these types of threats

Review the Resources

We’ve put together a few resources to outline how MX908 Beacon can help with your area monitoring mission.

White Paper

Area Monitoring for Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

Introduction to area monitoring, traditional area monitoring technologies and how MX908 Beacon fills the gap by identifying aerosol and vapor chemical threats.

Beacon Product Spec Sheet

MX908 Beacon
Spec Sheet

Area Monitoring for Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

Hazmat Spec Sheet

MX908 Hazmat Spec Sheet

Rugged Mass Spec for Trace Detection and Identification of CWAs and TICs

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