Analysis for Life

With chemical and biochemical analysis technology that crosses industry boundaries, our devices provide answers for critical-to-life questions in life science research, biopharmaceuticals, forensics and more.

Speed Access Confidence
Minutes to Action
Point-of-need Devices
Gold Standard Tech
For Cell Culture Media Analysis


Boost your bioprocessing workflow with rapid, at-line analysis of cell culture media.

For Biological Characterization


Turbocharge your mass spec with plug-and-play high resolution CE separations for fast and efficient analysis.

For Threat Detection


Respond in real time with trace detection and identification of chemical threats at the point of need.

Mass Spectrometry

For the Masses

Our microscale mass spectrometry devices pack high-performance MS into low-cost and easy to operate handheld and desktop devices that are ready to go at the point of need.


In the lab or in the field, get answers in minutes to make next-step decisions quickly.

“The device is a game-changer, giving us instant information for investigations.”

Special Agent Supervisor Mick Gyurko of Ohio Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)

“Rather than obtaining amino acid profiles after the run is completed, REBEL can provide near real-time data for us to make process decisions while the experiments are in progress to maximize successful outcomes.”

Dr. Christopher Hwang, CTO of Transcenta

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