Be more decisive.

Our purpose-built tools provide answers when and where you need them.


Our customers are driven to change the world.

From the biopharmaceutical professionals making life-critical drugs a reality, to the public safety professionals bravely safeguarding our communities – our customers need immediate actionable answers. They can’t wait months, weeks, days, or even hours for results.

That’s what our devices are all about. Providing real-time answers for the power to decide.

Get more decision power in the lab, at the line, or in the wild.

The Question

It all starts with a question. From large biomolecules to the nefarious use of small molecule drugs, our devices provide actionable answers to inform the next step in your workflow.

Intact Proteins

See more in a single assay. Our devices deliver high resolution charge variant separations of biotherapeutics backed by the full power of mass spectrometry.


Separate small polar analytes fast. Take on anything from bioreactor growth media to metabolites in biofluids. Sample prep is simple and there is no labeling or derivatization.


Get actionable results fast. Illicit substances come in many forms. From counterfeit pharmaceuticals, to pure materials, and clandestine lab made mixtures, our users require high-fidelity trace detection for immediate answers.


Detect priority drugs at trace levels. The opioid crisis has reached epidemic proportions and responder safety is critical. Our devices are 1,000,000X more sensitive to enable detection of fentanyls, opiods, and amphetamines at levels well below their lethal dose.

First Response

Detect the unseen. Responders need tools that keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. Our devices provide trace-level threat detection and discriminating selectivity for actionable answers in seconds.


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