Gas Detector and Identifier for Unmanned Systems


Remote chemical gas detector for integration on unmanned systems. Safely monitor inaccessible environments with standoff chemical identification. 

FTIR Technology:
Identify thousands of gases
Low SWaP (Size Weight and Power) reduces payload requirements
Low PPM identification levels

Gas/Vapor Analysis

Integrate onto a variety of robotic platforms for unmanned gas detection and chemical identification. Screen large areas or inaccessible spaces to monitor for gas or vapor threats, while keeping personnel safe.

Key InterceptIR Attributes

Rapidly identify more than 5,600+ gas and vapor chemical threats.

  • Automated atmospheric compensation
  • 4 second response time
  • ID up to 6 components
  • Expandable identification library
  • Part-per-million sensitivity
  • Environments posing a
    risk to human life
  • Booby-trapped facilities
  • Sniper covered areas
  • Impassable terrain
  • Aerial surveillance Connectivity
  • Hardwired (USB serial)
  • JSON protocol for robotics
  • Control from remote locations
  • Autonomous operation
  • Extreme weather conditions (IP-54)
  • Shock and vibration resistance

Ready and Reliable

InterceptIR has a low SWaP (Size Weight and Power) to reduce payload requirements, enabling ease of integration with quadruped robotic canines, tracked, wheeled vehicles, and UAV / drones.

With its widely used and accepted JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) messaging, the InterceptIR API can easily integrate into a variety of communication platforms.

How Will You Use InterceptIR?

Warfighters and responders face a myriad of unknown and unseen threats that often require personnel to confront life-threatening situations. Discover how this innovative FTIR gas detector can monitor areas remotely.

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