Narcotics Detection

Detect and identify a broad range of priority drugs at trace levels in seconds.

Keeping Pace

Illicit drugs come in many forms – from street cut powders and counterfeit pills, to bulk shipments intercepted at border crossings. Emerging synthetic drugs make it challenging for law enforcement to keep up.

MX908 delivers exceptional selectivity and sensitivity for identification of priority drugs. This handheld tool leverages high-pressure mass spectrometry™  (HPMS) to detect trace-level drugs including meth, cocaine, heroin, and emerging classes such as cathinones and cannabinoids. 

Drug Identification for Corrections

The MX908 rugged, hand-held mass spectrometer can be used to detect and identify drugs in a variety of situations. From bulk powders to trace amounts of drugs embedded in paper, get quick answers to keep officers and inmates safe.

Actionable Intelligence In-Hand

Emergency responders, law enforcement, and border security agents need immediate and actionable intelligence on a wide variety of known and unknown materials. A simple swab test with an MX908 provides answers in seconds for field analysis, clandestine lab remediation, and checkpoint operations.

Keeping Responders Safe

The sensitivity of HPMS lets users conduct field analysis of unknown substances and generate actionable intelligence in real time. Detection of substances at trace levels minimizes exposure while allowing the user to rapidly assess threat levels, establish probable cause, and prioritize investigatory resources accordingly.

Drug Detection Applications

Trace-level priority drug detection and identification for a variety of on-scene applications.

Portable Mass Spectrometer


This rugged, handheld device enables real-time trace-level detection and identification of priority drugs and is used by law enforcement, emergency and hazmat teams worldwide.

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