One Pill Can Kill: Current and Emerging Drug Threats

The Need For Speed In The Lab

The growth and visibility of new biologic-based therapeutics has created a race to see which new medicines can make it to market first. R&D scientists and bioprocess development teams are under immense pressure to meet global demand for new drugs, while at the same time ensuring safety, quality, and cost efficiencies.

One Pill Can Kill: MX908 and Counterfeit Pills

The DEA has issued a public safety alert warning against a sharp increase in counterfeit pill overdoses in the US. The MX908 excels at identifying such pills.

The Impact and Rising Danger of the Opioid Epidemic

Biotech Week Boston 2021 Takeaways

Cooperation, process understanding, and speed are the big takeaways from BPS 2021

New Update: Threat-Focused Targets

Could ZipChip be a solution for MAM bottlenecks?

See the Unseen: Trace chemical detection in the field

Beyond Bulk: Trace Detection of Fentanyl in the Field

R&D, upstream or downstream, ZipChip works for you!

Mass Spec for the Masses: Accelerating our Vision as a Public Company

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