Our Customers Fuel Our Organization – Meet The Team at 908 Devices 

Our customers fuel our organization to provide technology for mission completion and safety, delivering the best customer experiences.

Devices that Perform at the Speed Scientists Need to Advance Research and Discovery

908 Devices partners and collaborates with world-leading researchers at organizations like NIH, NIBRT and MIT to deliver impactful solutions.

Demystifying the Opioid Crisis: How much do we really know? 

The opioid crisis has continued to evolve over the years, and limited knowledge of emerging drugs among respondents calls for more educational programs to help mitigate the impact of the opioid crisis.

908 Devices Works with Emory University to Revolutionize CAR T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

CAR T-cell therapy manufacturing is costly. Learn about Emory University’s novel approach methods in an effort to help reduce costs and accessibility.

To Catch a Smuggler: Drugs Identified in 3D Printed Animal Figurines

Customs was warned about the use of 3D printed objects to conceal drugs. With the MX908, they were able to quickly identify drug substances present.

Chemical Identification for EOD Applications

Understanding chemical identification is essential for EOD teams due to the increasing number of chemical threats from explosive devices.

MX908 Software Release v3.5

MX908 latest software release offers five additional drug targets for the MX908 target list. This includes the addition of three synthetic cannabinoids, a synthetic cathinone, and a nitazene, a highly potent synthetic opioid.

Lowering Manufacturing Costs and Increasing Accessibility of Cell Therapy Treatments

A robust, fast, and cost-effective production process is crucial for the effectiveness of cell therapy. Our PAT devices help advance cell therapy manufacturing and deliver real-time insights to help get life-saving treatments to patients faster.

To Catch a Smuggler: MX908 and Customs Applications 

Customs strives to enhance security measures as illicit drug trade and illegal drug smuggling traffickers pose significant challenges to law enforcement. 

Grant Application Process

Explore the steps and considerations for law enforcement agencies looking to obtain grant funding.

EU DrugDetect

Learn about the EU DrugDetect project, that aims to provide innovative solutions, such as the MX908, to prevent drugs from entering European correctional facilities.

Emerging Drug Trends and Threats: Here’s What We Know

Staying ahead of dangerous drug trends and threats is crucial. To combat these drug trends and threats effectively, it is important to deploy technologies, such as MX908, which can swiftly identify drugs.

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