Advancing your scientific research to make significant contributions in your field often relies on access to grant funding through organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). We understand that access to funds for the latest technology are crucial for expediting groundbreaking discoveries. 908 Devices partners with world-leading researchers at organizations like NIH, NIBRT and MIT to deliver impactful, out-of-the-box solutions for the latest research needs.

Collaborating with World-renowned Researchers & Institutions 

908 Devices is at the forefront of advancing bioprocessing and therapeutic development through collaborations with renowned researchers and institutions. Partnering with Emory University, NIBRT and MIT. Read each section below to see the data and learn from these industry experts.

Research with Emory shows how leveraging REBEL data can enhance understanding of CAR-T cell potency and longevity. Ultimately, this will lead to optimal manufacturing, delivering superior CAR T-cell products and making treatments more accessible to patients. 

Hear from Dr. Josh Smith at NIBRT National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, on how ZipChip CE-MS technology can enhance peptide mapping throughput.

Gene therapy holds incredible potential to transform healthcare. In this on-demand webinar,  Graziella Piras and Prasanna Srinivasan explore approaches to facilitate a cost-effective and scalable vector production at a personalized level. You will learn how you can get the data where and when you need it.

Learn how John Hopkins University is controlling essential amino acid levels in CHO cell cultures using a genome-scale nutrient minimization forecast algorithm developed using the REBEL at-line analyzer.

Hear From Industry Experts on How 908 Devices Accelerates Research and Discovery Using ZipChip

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Dr. Sara Carillo Accelerates Charge Variant Analysis at NIBRT

“Another advantage is of course the short time, so in 15 minutes more or less we get perfect charge variant analysis while with standard chromatography techniques it will take slightly longer”.

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ZipChip CE-MS Workflow was Set-up in Minutes at Ying Ge’s lab at University of Wisconsin

“Most people are very scared about ECE because it’s really a very complex system and it takes a lot to learn But zip chip is very, very easy to use and very fast installations”. 

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Dan Bach Kristensen from Symphogen Utilizes ZipChip, as his Lab Looks Into More Complex Antibody Formats

“A key strength that it’s so easy to attach the system. You don’t have to worry about capillaries and sensitive connections, all that. It’s just plug it on and start analyzing. It’s very convenient.”

Learn About Our Applications in Life Science Research and Bioprocessing

Protein Characterization: From charge variants analysis to peptide mapping, ZipChip can do it all. And you don’t have to lift a single finger for method development. 

Charge Variant Analysis Maximize return on your MS instrument investment and boost your analytical throughput and the core-lab capacity with rapid charge variant separation. ZipChip enables charge heterogeneity speciation and identification in as little as 2 minutes – 100 times faster than LC-MS. 

Metabolomics: Sample clean-up, derivatization and long analysis times don’t have to slow you down. With ZipChip, you’ll have the same information you get with other methods in a fraction of the time. 

Bioprocessing Analytics: Improve product quality, increase product titer, and maintain process robustness with on-line monitoring and control of glucose and lactate concentrations using MAVEN.

Cell Therapy: Enhance process understanding, optimize process performance, and ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility in cell therapy manufacturing with easy-to-use PAT tools such as REBEL and MAVERICK