From Former DEA to Border Patrol and Beyond – Meet the Team at 908 Devices

Building a world-class organization means you first must build a world-class team. Our team is the heart of 908 Devices, and we pride ourselves on having walked a mile in our customers’ shoes – or more specifically, having served in the same or similar positions and remaining engaged with their peers, many of whom are actively serving. We understand our customers’ pain points because we have lived them ourselves. This fuels our organization to ensure officers in the field are armed with the best technology to accomplish their mission and bring them home safely. 

We wanted to take a moment to showcase a few of our outstanding employees who have varied experiences – from raiding cocaine labs in Columbia to investigating smuggling operations in Miami to going undercover in Las Vegas to mitigate the impact of narcotics.

Bruce Gentner: Customer Success Law Enforcement Manager – Marine and Former Law Enforcement Officer 

Bruce Gentner has trained thousands of law enforcement officers during his career and identified hundreds of illicit labs. When he was in the field, detecting meth labs wasn’t as simple as taking a swab and pressing a few buttons on the MX908. In his current role, Gentner is fueled by the opportunity to work with law enforcement in retirement, arming them with trace Identification that can combat the ‘alphabet soup’ of narcotics on the street. 

Gentner is passionate about educating his community as well. He formed the Narcotics Education Foundation of Nevada, and during his tenure he worked diligently to share the dangers of drugs with children, particularly high schoolers. He’s constantly seeking ways to make an impact – whether that means going out into his community; training state, local, and international customers on how to utilize all functions of the MX908 technology; or raising awareness as to the dangers of emerging drug threats

Jason Gill: Federal Law Enforcement Customer Success Manager and Senior Field Trainer – Former DEA and Border Patrol Agent    

Jason Gill also finds meaning in continuing his mission to fight illicit drugs. He served for nearly 24 years – first in the Army National Guard and next in the Navy Reserve – and then spent time at the Border Patrol and 27 years at the DEA. Today he enjoys remaining engaged in how cartels are constantly evolving substances, formulations, and smuggling operations, while simultaneously supporting agencies and officers to stay as safe as they possibly can. Gill acknowledges that one of the biggest threats facing us right now is fentanyl. While the issue can at times feel insurmountable – and it will never be eradicated — what we can do is give better, faster, and more actionable intelligence to stay ahead of evolving threats. He’s also passionate about the ‘constant customer service’ mentality and being a true partner to keep officers and public safety officials protected. The brotherhood mentality never leaves.

Ernie Batista: Counter-Narcotic Consultant – Former DEA 

Ernie Batista is proud to have served in law enforcement for 30 years; beginning with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (Deputy, Homicide Detective and Organized Crime Bureau) and as a DEA Special Agent and Supervisor assigned in the U.S. and overseas. In his worldwide law enforcement career, Batista has seen how technology has evolved, from communication systems to drug test kits and beyond. When he first began his career, to conduct presumptive field tests for drug identification he had to use a chemical wet test kit with three (3) vials, which officers had to manually break to identify the color changes that corresponded with the popular drugs used at the time. Looking back, he realizes how subjective and potentially dangerous these tests were. It was not uncommon to cut your finger with a broken vial – but with the dangers of fentanyl today, that would be disastrous. Determining the result of the test at night sometimes required the investigator to stand in front of their car’s headlights to see the color changes. This made these test results even more unreliable.    

Law enforcement has evolved from using these kits to using proven and accurate scientific devices to conduct presumptive field tests. In the field, the MX908 device now makes drug identification and detection safer, faster, more accurate, and reliable. Understanding the MX908’s ability to identify trace amounts and mixtures is truly groundbreaking, and it is what fuels Batista and his colleagues to raise awareness of the benefits of the MX908 technology use for successful law enforcement investigations. 

Today, Batista is encouraged as to how actively law enforcement agencies explore, verify, and accept new and emerging technology to enhance their investigations. Having the right tools in your toolbox is imperative and can help make narcotic investigators more confident and successful. And most importantly, it keeps them safe. 


We’re proud to have individuals such as Bruce Gentner, Jason Gill, and Ernie Batista among our ranks, and there are many others at 908 not included here who have spent decades in the military and law enforcement – from local police to federal law enforcement agencies. It’s their understanding and passion for protecting their own that fuels our organization to do more and centers our focus on providing the best possible customer experiences. 

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