Chemical Detection


Identify pesticides commonly found at illegal grow sites.

Defining the Threats

Due to their hazardous properties and threat to public and environmental health, pesticide use is heavily regulated by organizations like the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the European Commission, and the European Food and Safety Authority.

Identify Hazardous Pesticides

With the presence of pesticides, hazardous materials protocols must be followed to properly identify, dispose, and clean waste at sites. At an average cost of $40,000 for site cleanup (before hazardous material disposal) properly identifying hazardous materials is important not only for safety, but for efficiently using funds for cleanup efforts.

In an interview with Analytical CannabisJoe Gallo from 908 Devices explained how the MX908 has revolutionized the pesticide detection process and allowed for swift action and remediation, preventing further harm and protecting the ecosystem thanks to on-site insights within seconds. 

Portable Mass Spectrometer


This rugged, handheld mass spec detects and identifies trace-level pesticides and hazardous materials in real-time.

MX908 Resources:

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