About Us

We are democratizing laboratory mass spectrometry instruments with our simple handheld and desktop devices for critical-to-life applications.

Our Vision

We are reimagining where Mass Spec can be used if it is sufficiently small in size, low in cost and simple to operate. We believe the insights and answers our devices provide will accelerate workflows, reduce costs, and offer transformational opportunities for our end users.




Our History

In 2012, we set out to revolutionize mass spec for chemical and biomolecular detection. This isn’t just a story of a startup or technology breakthrough.  It’s about making things simpler.  Making things that help people do their jobs better.  Finding new ways to democratize technology and put it in the hands of anyone.    Our approach is simple: understand the needs of our customers and engineer tools that meet those unmet needs.  That’s what our products are all about.

Analysis For Life


Our team shares a great sense of passion for making a difference.


We are hardworking, passionate about what we do, and solve problems together.  If that sounds like you – come work with us.

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