Explosive Detection

Find the unseen threat

Detect and identify trace-level explosives and precursors in the field in seconds.

Take Action Swiftly

Today’s emergency responders, bomb disposal units, and military need expanded capabilities for rapid detection, identification, and monitoring of threats in the field.

MX908 delivers exceptional selectivity and sensitivity for identification of explosives and precursors. This handheld tool leverages high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) to detect trace-level explosives in seconds including HMX, hexamine, TATP, and more.

Closing The Gap

Existing field optical tools perform well for explosive detection when large amounts of material are available but are unreliable as the sample size shrinks.

With MX908®, emergency responders can perform rapid, highly sensitive trace detection for numerous explosives and precursors no matter how much sample is available. A simple swab test detects what can’t be seen.

Lightening The Load

The capabilities of HPMS reduce the number of tools typically required downrange by responders. With significantly higher selectivity than other trace technologies, MX908 can detect trace quantities of priority threats from the myriad of interferents that plague other, less selective technologies.

Mission Ready

Explosives Hunter Mission Mode detects trace levels of military and commercial grade explosives, homemade energetics and relevant precursors. It cuts through background clutter to clearly and rapidly identify explosives in the field, allowing users to make confident decisions, quickly.

Explosive Detection Applications

Trace level detection of explosives and precursors for a variety of applications.

Portable Mass Spectrometer


This rugged, handheld explosive detector enables real-time trace-level detection and identification of threats from military and commercial grade to homemade explosives and relevant precursors.

MX908 Resources:

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