Explosive Detection

Our portable explosive detection solutions enable a comprehensive multi-threat response. Elevate operational safety and reliability in field identification of explosives, precursors, and other chemical threats.

Enabling Emergency Responders to Take Action Swiftly

Today’s emergency responders, bomb disposal units, and military need expanded capabilities for rapid threat detection.​

Using both high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) technology for identification of trace substances and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) for bulk material identification significantly amplifies the capabilities of bomb disposal units. This technology combination equips Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams with a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to explosive detection, identification, and monitoring, ensuring swift and accurate responses in the field.​

Exceptional Sensitivity

Our handheld MX908 device provides unparalleled selectivity and sensitivity for identifying trace-level explosives and their precursors, such as HMX, hexamine, and TATP, in mere seconds. The high-pressure mass spectrometry technique ensures rapid explosive detection in minutes. Quickly detecting and identifying explosive material enables rapid threat assessment and emergency response.​

Our ProtectIR, XplorIR and ThreatID portable FTIR devices excel in identifying the chemical composition of bulk materials. Receive a detailed spectral fingerprint of substances, which complement the trace detection capabilities of MX908. By analyzing the infrared absorption spectra, FTIR can identify tens of thousands of chemical compounds.​

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Missions

Explosive missions require advanced chemical analysis technologies to quickly and precisely identify trace and bulk levels of substances of military and commercial grade explosives, homemade energetics and relevant precursors. The combination of technologies cuts through background clutter to clearly and rapidly identify explosives in the field, allowing users to make confident decisions, quickly.​

Comprehensive Coverage

Chemical identification has become increasingly important for EOD teams due to the rise of chemical threats like chemical warfare and pharmaceutical-based agents released from explosive devices. Tools like the MX908, ProtectIR, XplorIR and ThreatID are essential for detecting and identifying vapor, aerosol threats, and bulk chemical material during EOD missions. These devices offer comprehensive coverage for both conventional chemical warfare agents and more sophisticated threats.

Explosive Detection Applications

Trace and bulk explosive detection and identification for a broad range of applications.

Trace-level Analysis


Respond in real time with trace detection and identification of chemical threats at the point of need.


Bulk Liquid/Solid Identification


Confidently identify and assess thousands of chemical threats anywhere with this compact, lightweight, handheld FTIR device.

Solid/Liquid/Gas Identification


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