Accurate, Actionable Handheld Gas Detector


Handheld gas detector that can accurately detect, identify and quantify thousands of unknown chemicals and vapors in seconds. Use XplorIR to continuously monitor for immediate answers during high-threat operations or change to point mode for isolated target intelligence.

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FTIR Technology:
Identify and quantify thousands of gases
Cloud Connectivity:
Offering remote results access to command center
Field Deployment:
Designed for harsh environments

Gas Mixtures Analysis

Identify and quantify up to 6 gas components in real-time within complex mixtures. This handheld gas analyzer provides detection in as quick as 4 seconds, with positive identification results displayed within a minute.

Quantification Package
Now Available

Measure the concentration of a hazardous gas or vapor at part-per-million (ppm) levels with the XplorIR quantification package—now available for purchase. Fielded XplorIRs can be easily updated with quantification capability through a simple software update. With simultaneous identification and quantification capability in one simple-to-use device, first responders are empowered to make rapid tactical decisions on site remediation efforts.

Threat Intelligence

Rapidly detect and identify 5600+ unknown gas and vapor chemical threats in seconds. Add quantification for nearly 5,000 airborne chemicals.

  • TICs
  • TIMs
  • VOCs
  • Fire Gases
  • Refrigerants
  • Petroleum products
  • Industrial gases
  • Solvents
  • Corrosives
  • Nerve agents
  • Blister Agents
  • Choking agents
  • Blood agents

Handheld Gas Detector for Harsh Environments

Simple controls and an intuitive display make XplorIR easy to use, even under stressful emergency situations. This handheld gas detector is a robust chemical identification tool, built for reliable operation in harsh environments.

Results When and Where You Need Them

Once samples have been collected, and a Wi-Fi connection established, the results can be uploaded to the TeamLeader mobile app. View the results in real-time from outside the hot zone to make rapid, informed decisions based on a clear understanding of what gases or vapors are present.

Get detailed sample information including primary component identification and mixture analysis, and remotely search our ThreatAssist database for detailed information on a vast collection of chemical compounds.

How Will You Use XplorIR?

The next time your department is called to secure public and environmental safety, whether addressing a nefarious or accidental complex toxic gas, be prepared with the XplorIR. Discover how this innovative FTIR solution addresses emerging threats.

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