A molecular scale

Mass spectrometry is a well-established analytical technique for measuring the mass of charged molecules – in that sense it is an extraordinary scale at the molecular level, used in virtually every chemical analysis laboratory for limitless applications from safety & security, to food science, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and controlling industrial processes.

Unrivaled power

Since the mass of molecules and their parts is very unique, mass spectrometry has tremendous power to distinguish millions of different molecules. It is also extremely sensitive, capable of measuring quantities to the part-per-billion level, and sometimes lower.

Legacy technology

Conventional laboratory mass spectrometry setups are designed to accommodate a wide variety of often-disparate needs, but unfortunately this flexibility leads to complexity. And complex systems are large, expensive, and tricky to operate and maintain.


Many applications just don’t require all the complexity these laboratory platforms incorporate. We are building ridiculously small, and elegantly simple purpose-built products based on remarkable mass spectrometry technology. These systems are designed for specific applications in security, biotechnology, diagnostics and others, bringing MS capability from the centralized lab to the point of need.

Secret sauce

At the heart of our systems are molecular traps a thousand times smaller than those in conventional mass spectrometers. These diminutive traps can operate much closer to atmospheric pressures and enable us to use dramatically smaller pumps, ionizers, detectors and electronics than existing laboratory or luggable mass spectrometers. We call this breakthrough high-pressure mass spectrometry™ or HPMS.

Easy is hard

It is a shame to hide such powerful analytical hardware, but that is precisely what we aspire to do with our software automation and on-board analytics. We want every bit and byte of our elegant on-board software working to get you a credible answer as fast as possible.

Amplifying Capabilities

Mass Spectrometry is great for complex mixtures, however analytical power is multiplied with the addition of front-end separations. When combined, these technologies sort out mixtures over time, delivering more manageable portions to the MS. We are innovating here too, integrating ballistic techniques with HPMS for gas samples and simple, integrated microfluidics for liquids.

Analysis for Life

Reinventing the liquid techniques of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and electrospray ionization (ESI) we integrate all you need in the microfluidic channels of a single chip, smaller than a microscope slide. Amino acids, intact proteins, biopharmaceuticals – biological fluids are prepped on-chip, analyzed ten times faster than legacy technologies and delivered efficiently to your mass spectrometer.