Analysis For Life

Our point-of-need handheld and desktop devices leverage three key technologies that are configured as required to meet the demands of each application.

Phase One

Sampling & Separations

Liquid sample prep and separations can be a pain.

Our microfluidic CE provides extraordinary high performance in a small simple package. No stack of pumps & valves or large bottles of solvents required – our separations are electronically driven and use only a few hundred nanoliters per minute.

Bioreactor sampling is cumbersome and adds serious risk of cell culture contamination.

Our sterile diffusion sampling technology is zero volume – preserving precious media and product – and enables online automated monitoring and control in a disposable form factor.

Phase Two

Microscale Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spec is the analytical laboratory gold standard. Our microscale Mass Spec technology operates at much higher pressures than lab systems allowing our devices to operate at unprecedented sizes, with power demands on par with an LED light bulb.

Phase Three

Analytics and Machine Learning

Efficiency at the point-of-need means answers, and we have invested heavily in ensuring our user experience delivers. We take care of the heavy lifting on complex data interpretation to deliver on-point answers when and where they’re needed.

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