Protein Characterization

Go ahead, take the unfair advantage

From peptide mapping to native charge variants analysis, ZipChip can do it all. And you don’t have to lift a single finger for method development.

Skip The Hard Part

We know characterization of proteins isn’t always easy. That’s where ZipChip comes in. Assay kits take the guesswork out of method development, and ZipChip rarely flinches at matrices with detergent and salt, so you don’t have to waste time on sample prep. There’s no wonder CE-mass spec was used to sequence the human genome

Really Know Your Product

ZipChip’s charge variant assay alone gives you more information than other techniques. Same goes for other characterization assays. Whether you’re running intact charge variant analysis, reduced analysis, or peptide mapping, ZipChip works at every level

Protein Characterization Applications

ZipChip helps analytical scientists take a load off with simple solutions for different protein characterization workflows. And its assay-defined kits mean there’s no method development ⎯ no matter what.

CE mass spectrometry


Pop ZipChip on your mass spec as the source. It separates your samples and electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis. There’s no optimization to do or connections to make. Click the chip in place and you’re off. Ready to go assay kits are optimized for each application, all you do is dilute-and-shoot.

ZipChip Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

The ZipChip is like a super-smart, fast sorter – ideal for protein characterization. It separates proteins quickly so we can see and count them easily. It works by using a tiny channel (capillary) and electricity to sort proteins based on their size and charge before they are analyzed. Traditional methods can be slow and need a lot of steps whereas the ZipChip can analyze your samples in minutes instead of hours with minimal sample preparation and method development. The ZipChip is like having a fast pass – it gets the job done quicker and needs less sample, making the whole process of counting proteins much more efficient.

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