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Explore a variety of ways to fund your MX908 procurement for hazmat teams and law enforcement agencies.

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  • Grant research – We will help identify which grants your department is eligible for
  • Earmark opportunities – We will help work through the process on how you apply for earmarked funding
  • Justification documentation – We have prepared documentation to make writing easier
  • Grant writing support – We have contracted with Lexipol to provide customers with grant writing assistance
  • Successful customers – We can provide contacts to customers who had success with specific funding methods

MX908 Enables Law Enforcement Officers
and Hazmat Teams

  • Rapidly field test for illicit drugs and chemical warfare agents using a recognized and accepted technique (mass spectrometry)  
  • Detect 2,000+ novel fentanyl analogs at trace levels; no library updates required
  • Reduce operator exposure risk with sampling from exterior of containers
  • Deliver actionable intelligence to military and civilian responders necessary to feel confident in the safety of their teams and the public
  • Establish probable cause and prioritize investigatory resources accordingly
  • Identify hazardous materials at the scene of a hazmat response incident 
  • Determine limits of contamination 
  • Verify decontamination operations were successful

Acquire an MX908

MX908 is a handheld, portable mass spectrometer that is trusted by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug, and hazmat operations around the world.

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