Peptide Mapping

Complete Sequence Coverage and High Throughput Analysis of Multiple CQAs

What is Peptide Mapping?

Peptide mapping is a key application for characterization of biotherapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and viral vector capsids in drug discovery and process development.

The purpose of peptide mapping is  for confirmation of protein’s primary structure, identify and monitoring post translational modifications (PTMs), and for assessing biosimilarity to innovator drug product. Robust peptide mapping workflow is critical to ensuring quality and reproducibility of biotherapeutic proteins with fast turnaround time being highly desirable.

ZipChip is an out of the Box Solution for Fast and Easy Peptide Mapping Including Multi-Attribute-Monitoring(MAM):

  • Near 100% sequence coverage and high-res peptide separation within 15 minutes
  • Easily resolve glycopeptides, deamidation, oxidation, and other site-specific PTMs
  • Enhanced throughput for MAM (up to 20x)
  • No method development with pre-optimized ready to use essay kits

Higher Sequence Coverage for Higher Confidence Data

Peptide Mapping byZipChip can easily determine sequence changes and get close to 100% sequence coverage of both light and heavy polypeptide chains and catch hydrophilic peptides, which often are not retained by reversed phase LC (RPLC).

Quickly Resolve PTMs and Identify Key CQAs

ZipChip-MS is an ideal technique for separating tricky analytes like conjugated peptides, complex glycopeptides, isomerized residues, and degradants.

Quickly resolve and get actionable information on critical quality attributes (CQAs) such as glycopeptides, deamidation, oxidation and other site-specific modifications in less than 15 minutes. With an ZipChip autosampler (Optional), simply load the samples, press go and come back later for results.

Enhanced Throughput of MAM

Compared with LC-MS, ZipChip CE-MS can be up to 20x faster, with higher sequence coverage, and comparable quantitation for a panel of 15 CQAs including deamidation, aspartic acid isomerization, methionine oxidation, and tryptophan oxidation.

1.Chip-Based Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometry for Rapid Resolution and Quantitation of Critical Quality Attributes in Protein Biotherapeutics. Andrew B. Dykstra, Et al.  Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 2021.

No Method Development

Pre-optimized ready to use essay kits practically eliminate the need for method development. Detergents and salts in protein sample matrix wreak havoc on LC-MS systems, not on ZipChip though.  The ZipChip assay performance is not affected by detergents and salts from matrix and there is no risk of sample carryover.

Get Straight to it.

ZipChip consumables take the guesswork out of method development. Assay kits come with background electrolyte and sample diluent that’s optimized for each application. Just put the bottle of background electrolyte in the autosampler, prep your samples with the sample diluent and you’re off!

How to Find Your Assay & Consumables Kit:

Pick a BGE Kit
Then a Chip

Super-charge Your Mass Spec

Struggling with increased workloads? Increase your throughput with plug and play applications for multiple Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). Maximize your MS investment and boost your lab’s productivity with multiple characterization assays. Whether you’re running intact charge variant analysis, subunit analysis, peptide mapping, metabolites analysis, or oligonucleotides analysis, ZipChip works at every level.

CE Mass Spectrometry


Pop ZipChip on your mass spec as the source. It separates your samples and electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis. There’s no optimization to do or connections to make. Click the chip in place and you’re off. Ready to go assay kits are optimized for each application, all you do is dilute-and-shoot. From peptide mapping to native charge variants analysis, ZipChip can do it all. And you don’t have to spend extra time for method development.

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