Cell Culture Media Analysis

Nutrient profiling at-line, anytime

Cell Culture Media Matters. Here’s Why.

Cell culture media analysis is a critical piece of the bioprocessing puzzle. From starting material and throughout the growth cycle, cell culture media analysis gives you a clearer, fuller picture of how amino acids, vitamins and biogenic amines impact cell health and productivity.

Media QC

Analyzing fresh media to assess variability between lots or different formulations means you’ve got it right from the get-go.

Media Selection & Optimization

Selecting the right medium and refining nutrient levels boosts production. The REBEL cell culture analyzer  can help you choose which way to go.

Spent Media Analysis

Tracking metabolites in near real time allows proactive feeding strategies to replenish or fortify when nutrients are critically low in concentration.

Process Monitoring

During late stage PD or scale-up, the REBEL integrated in a PAT workflow can monitor nutrient levels critical to process stability and product quality.

What’s In Your Bioreactor?

Optimize Cell Culture Media in Real Time


Time for a new routine. One that lets you call shots faster. Analyze anything from raw material QC to spent media and get quantitative reports for amino acids, dipeptides, water soluble vitamins and biogenic amines in any cell media, any time.

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