Cell Culture Media Analysis

Accelerate Time to Market
Gain Process Insights

Save time and money through a deeper understanding of your process.

Cell Culture Media Matters. Here’s Why.

From ensuring your media contains the right analytes to faster media and process development, hassle-free cell culture media analysis using REBEL enables accelerated time to market while lowering cost and gaining process insights.

Fresh Media Fingerprinting

Save money by avoiding risk of batch failure with fresh media formulation analysis.

Media Development

Know your cell nutrient requirements and accelerate media development timelines.

Process Development

Reduce process development timelines and improve productivity.

Process Monitoring

Get to the root cause of manufacturing process variations and decrease risk of wasted batches.

Process Modeling

Add the missing pieces to your predictive model for smarter DOE resulting in faster process development.

What’s In Your Bioreactor?

Optimize Cell Culture Media in Real Time


Time for a new routine. One that lets you call shots faster. Analyze anything from raw material QC to spent media and get quantitative reports for amino acids, dipeptides, water soluble vitamins and biogenic amines in any cell media, any time.

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