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REBEL App Note: Screening for Component Diversity in CHO Cell Culture Media – Fast At-line Media Analysis with the REBEL

Screening for Component Diversity in CHO Cell Culture Media

At-line amino acid analysis can speeds up cell culture media and feeding strategy optimization for bioprocess development.

How comparable are different vendors’ LB media?

High variations of analyte levels in Terrific broth (TB) media

Investigating the high nutrient variations in Super Optimal Broth

Cultures’ growth rates and productivities may differ when different vendor’s media are used in otherwise identical experiments.

Probing formulation differences in Super Optimal Broth

Similarities between different vendors’ 2X YT liquid media

Comparing standard microbial media from a single supplier

Identify variations in dry and liquid CHO media

Running a quick fresh media assay prior to feeding the culture ensures consistency of the media components when scaling up or during the transition between liquid-to-dry media blends.

Tease out variations in dry cell culture media

Running a simple media assay prior to feeding your cells can ensure that the composition of the media is what is expected.

Comparing mesenchymal stem cell media with supplements on the Rebel

To ensure consistency when culturing MSCs, researchers should understand what is being added to their media.

Don’t sweat your cell media additives

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Basal cell media with 10% fetal bovine serum

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