Aerosol and Vapor Detection and Identification

MX908 Aero

Detect and identify trace-levels of aerosol and vapor threats.

Expanded Capability for Toxic Aerosol Detection and Identification

MX908 with Aero enables operators to detect and identify aerosolized threats, such as Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Pharmaceutical-based Agents (PBAs), which represent a critical gap in existing chemical detection solutions.

An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid or liquid particles, which maintain the physical properties of their solid or liquid state, but behave like a vapor. This combination of physical state and vapor-like behavior, make traditional vapor detectors ineffective against aerosol threats. Aero leverages proven MX908 sampling technologies and analysis mechanics to address this unique threat.

Trusted by Hazmat Safety Experts

“The MX908 handheld device has been an unparalleled technology for us. With the addition of the Aero module, it gives me the confidence to do our job and the ability to say with the utmost certainty that a vehicle or scene is clear from threats—both on surfaces and in the air.”

— Chris Andrews, President of Canadian Decon Solution

MX908 Aero Advantages

  • The only field-deployable tool available for rapid trace detection and identification of aerosol threats.
  • Simultaneous monitoring, detection, and identification of both vapor and aerosol threats.
  • MX908 Beacon utilizes Aero to provide a remote area monitoring solution for identification of aerosol and vapor threats.
  • Flexible sampling modules for easy transition from trace solid and liquid sampling to vapor and aerosol sampling.
  • Optional accessory can be quickly deployed to fielded units or be purchased with new MX908 devices.

Aerosol and Vapor Detection and Identification

MX908 with Aero traps particles onto a mesh screen, which is periodically flash heated and desorbed, to convert the sample into vapor. The vapors are analyzed by the MX908, and any threats are immediately reported to the operator.

Chemical warfare agents, fourth generation agents (A-series/Novichoks), fentanyls and other pharmaceutical based agents, as well as a variety of other highly toxic chemical materials, are all able to be detected and identified by MX908 with Aero. 

Benefits of MX908 Aero

MX908 Beacon with MX908 Aero

Area Monitoring Aerosol Detector

MX908 Beacon is an air monitoring device that utilizes MX908 Aero for remote area monitoring of aerosol and vapor threats.

MX908 Beacon

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