MX908 Remote App

Pair an MX908 to your phone and use Bluetooth to export results in a flash.

Using the App

Use Bluetooth to export results out of the hot zone. Pair a phone or tablet to your MX908 to send reports on completed analyses with the push of a button.

MX908 App Features:
  • Pair the MX908 with a phone or tablet
  • Send reports, add custom notes, and access support with the push of a button
  • Don’t wait to get actionable results and additional support, like access to Reachback.

Review the Resources

We’ve put together reference material for the MX908 Remote App:


Remote App Flyer

Export results, add custom notes, and access support with the new MX908 Remote App.

Portable Mass Spectrometer


This rugged, handheld explosive detector enables real-time trace-level detection and identification of threats from military and commercial grade to homemade explosives and relevant precursors.

MX908 Resources:

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