Intact Mass Analysis

Detect and assess intact proteins faster, and without method development

High-quality mass spectrometry (MS) characterization of intact mass for biotherapeutics without the method development, sample prep, or carryover.

What is Intact Protein Analysis?

Intact mass analysis of biotherapeutic proteins using mass spectrometry is a key characterization testing performed from upstream drug development to downstream product analysis. It is routinely used for sequence confirmation, clone screening, glycoform quantification, and to assess purity & heterogeneity during product quality control screening.

Get Multi-level Matrix Friendly Characterization With ZipChip

  • Matrix Friendly – High-quality spectra with NO desalting or removal of detergents.
  • Fast – Analysis times of <1minute for intact mass. Sample straight from your bioreactor​
  • Easy – No method development and easy switching between methods ​
  • Only 10uL of Sample Required (1 – 5nL required for injection)
  • Virtually No Carryover – No ghost peaks or contamination from previous sample​
  • Flexible – Multi-level characterization

High-Resolution Separation

Run times for intact mass analysis on ZipChip clock in at 1 minute or less. Rapid turnaround time and the ability to analyze samples right out of the bioreactor offers greater product insight during routine in-process characterization.

No Method Development and Minimal Sample Prep

Assay kits practically eliminate the need for method development and come with background electrolyte and sample diluent that are optimized for each application. Detergents and salts in protein sample matrix wreak havoc on LC-MS systems, not on ZipChip though.  The ZipChip assay performance is not affected by detergents and salts from matrix.

Virtually No Carryover

Because ZipChip is a microfluidic CE-based device, there’s no column-based stationary phase to cause carryover. No junctions and no dead volumes enable high separation resolution and eliminate peak broadening. You never have to run blanks or deal with ghost peaks and contamination from the last sample you ran.

Take Guesswork Out Of Method Development

ZipChip consumables take the guesswork out of method development. Assay kits come with background electrolyte and sample diluent that’s optimized for each application. Just put the bottle of background electrolyte in the autosampler, prep your samples with the sample diluent and you’re off!

How to Find Your Assay & Consumables Kit:

Pick a BGE Kit
Then a Chip

Super-charge Your Mass Spec

Struggling with increased workloads? Increase your throughput with plug and play applications for multiple Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). Maximize your MS investment and boost your lab’s productivity with multiple characterization assays. Whether you’re running intact charge variant analysis, subunit analysis, peptide mapping, metabolites analysis, or oligonucleotides analysis, ZipChip works at every level.

Charge Variant Analysis


Pop ZipChip on your mass spec as the source. It separates your samples and electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis. There’s no optimization to do or connections to make. Click the chip in place and you’re off. Ready to go assay kits are optimized for each application, all you do is dilute-and-shoot. From peptide mapping to native charge variants analysis, ZipChip can do it all. And you don’t have to lift a single finger for method development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost none. Since the system is tolerant towards both salts and detergents, running Intact Mass Analysis on the ZipChip is as easy as it gets. Dilute your sample, place it in the autosampler, hit go, and have your data collected in less than a minute.

The method development is very minimal for Intact Mass Analysis on ZipChip. Our protocols provide guidelines for mass spectrometer method parameters, ZipChip separation method parameters, and standard data to compare your results to.

The speed that ZipChip analyses is unrivaled, with sub-minute runs that provide molecular weight confirmation, identification, and glycoform information at the same time, with no real sample prep or method development needed. Being able to identify the species after deconvolution, and also see glycoform pattern provides a big benefit over most other techniques such as Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (CiEF), Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEX), Capillary Exchange Chromatography (CEX), and Liquid Chromatography coupled to a Mass Spectrometer.

The typical analysis time for Intact Mass Analysis on the ZipChip is around 40 seconds to 1 minute using one of our High Speed (HS) chips.

The main purpose of the Intact Mass Analysis is to confirm the molecular weight of the protein in question. However, you will also get glycoform information in the same run, which can also be identified after deconvolution.

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