908 Devices Launches New Aerosol Module for Handheld MX908

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Real-time threats. Real-time detection.

The MX908® is a multi-mission tool utilized by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug and HazMat operations around the world.  Trace-level threat detection and discriminating selectivity deliver real-time actionable intelligence in seconds.

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Multi-mode threat detection






How low can you go?

MX908 detects compounds at sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility spectrometry (IMS).  It also identifies threats at levels not much else can. The power of high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) delivers unparalleled selectivity to accurately discriminate priority threats from the myriad of interferents that lead to false alarms with other technologies.

A spectroscopist in every box.

MX908 does the lab work. Simply choose a mission and analyze the sample.  MX908 instructs you through all the necessary steps to get easily interpretable, actionable results in minutes. Trained users can get a refresh whenever they need it using its Walkthrough Mode.

Future proof.

The threat landscape will always evolve. MX908 is designed to evolve with it. Under the hood algorithms and analytics adapt to future threats like new fentanyl analogs and other novel material concerns on the fly with simple software updates to support the ongoing needs of your mission.

MX908 Aero Module

Adapt to real-world threats in real-time

MX908 is the only field deployable device that can detect threats in solid, liquid, vapor and aerosol states. It is equipped with modular accessories for ease of transition between sample types with no tools required.

MX908 Bluetooth Android

Ready to pair

Now you can pair MX908 with a phone or tablet to send reports out of the hot zone with the push of a button. Send results digitally as analysis is complete.

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MX908 Mission Modes

About MX908 Mission Modes

New MX908 Mission Modes enhance performance using specialized software configurations to optimize operational performance of existing hardware for mission objectives.

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