Handheld Mass Spectrometer for Chemical Identification


MX908 is a multi-mission handheld mass spectrometer for real-time chemical detection and identification, utilized by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug and HazMat operations around the world.

High selectivity and sensitivity for priority threats
Immediate actionable answers
Proven use in harsh operational environments

Chemical identification, even at trace levels.
The MX908 utilizes high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) to detect and identify compounds at trace levels with exceptional sensitivity and unmatched selectivity. This gives you reliable, actionable intelligence by rapidly and accurately identifying priority threats and reducing false alarms caused by common interferents.

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MX908 is now available through NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)

Trusted by Industry Experts

First responders consistently choose MX908 for its unparalleled precision and reliability. Renowned for its ability to identify chemical threats accurately in critical situations, this device stands as the top choice among professionals seeking robust safety and accuracy.

Tune in to learn more about how MX908 is transforming chemical identification at the point of need.

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Comprehensive Chemical Detection and Identification


Solid samples and residues in both bulk and trace amounts such as narcotics and explosives can be collected with swabs and easily analyzed.


Liquid samples such as various toxic industrial chemicals, and some chemical warfare agents can be collected with swabs and easily analyzed


High volatility targets such as some chemical warfare agents, explosives, and toxic industrial chemicals can be analyzed instantaneously without the need for manual sampling.


Airborne chemical threats such as chemical warfare and pharmaceutical agents, as well as some drugs, can be analyzed simultaneously with other high volatility targets without the need for manual sampling.

Evolving Threat Detection – Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the MX908 evolved alongside it. Equipped with advanced algorithms and analytics, the device promptly identifies emerging threats such as new drug analogs and other novel materials.

Regular software updates ensure it continues to meet the ongoing demands of your mission efficiently.

Rapid Answers At Your Fingertips

Simply select a mission and prepare your sample. The MX908 provides on-screen instructions that guide you through straightforward steps to analyze your chemical of interest. Its intuitive alarms deliver clear, actionable results within seconds.

MX908 Beacon

MX908 Beacon

Area Monitoring Device

The MX909 Beacon is designed for joint chemical agent detection, enabling continuous, remote monitoring of aerosol and vapor chemical threats.

World-Class Training for MX908 Operators

Every MX908 training is administered by an expert in the field with decades of experience. Our trainers can teach you how to operate the MX908, but more importantly, they can share tactics and techniques that will enhance your ability to respond in any situation.

How Will You Use MX908?

Responders need detection and identification tools that can adapt to the rapidly changing threat landscape. MX908 excels in detecting chemical threats at trace levels, offering unmatched selectivity for quick, actionable insights.

Gap Analysis Tool

See How the MX908 Stacks Up Against Other Technologies

Not all detection technologies are created equal. Use this handy comparison tool to check the technology you’re already using against the MX908.

MX908 Remote App

Easily pair the MX908 with your smartphone to leverage Bluetooth technology for rapid results transfer. This seamless integration allows you to export data instantly, enhancing efficiency and enabling you to access critical information on-the-go. Experience swift, hassle-free data handling with the MX908’s advanced connectivity features.

Customer Support Portal

The customer support portal gives users quick access to important resources like the latest software updates, reachback support, product guides, and training materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of chemical threats can the MX908 identify?

The MX908 is a multi-mission threat detector which means it is capable of identifying key drug, chemical warfare agent, explosive, toxic industrial chemical, and pesticide targets

What type of drugs can the MX908 identify?

The MX908 can be used for a wide range of drug identification applications. It can identify:

  • Fentanyl, as well as classify 2,000+ fentanyl analogs with the Fentanyl Analog Classifier
  • Commonly abused drugs such as: cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ketamine, MDMA, and more
  • Prescription drugs such as: Gabapentin, hydrocodone, and methadone
  • Synthetic cathinones
  • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Nitazenes
What type of chemical warfare agents and hazardous materials can the MX908 identify?

The MX908 can be used for a wide range of hazmat response and CBRN missions. It can identify:

  • A-Series Agents, also known as “Novichoks”
  • V-Series Agents such as: VX nerve agent, RVX/CVX, VS, and more
  • G-Series Agents such as: Sarin gas, Cyclosarin, Soman, and Tabun Sulfur Mustard
  • Pharmaceutical-based Agents such as: fentanyl, fentanyl analogs, and more
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Pesticides
How can the MX908 be used as an explosive detector?

The MX908 can identify a range of explosive targets including military explosives such as RDX, TNT, and HMX, commercial explosives such as dynamite, and improvised explosives like TATP and more. Additionally, MX908 can identify chemical threats that could be dispersed by an explosive or dispersal device. The ability to identify these threats in the air and on the ground make the MX908 an essential tool for explosive detection and EOD teams. It is employed by EOD teams around the globe including the United States Army EOD.

Is the MX908 suitable for field identification of chemical threats?

The MX908 is a lightweight, handheld device that is tested to MIL-STD-810G standards. It is ruggedized and simple to operate, making it ideal for field testing. The MX908 can be easily carried by a single operator making it more portable than desktop ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) devices or portable gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) devices.

How can the MX908 assist with decontamination of hazardous and toxic materials?

The MX908 can identify hazardous and toxic materials at trace (nanogram/ppb) levels. After a threat has been identified, MX908 can be used to establish limits of contamination to better understand what areas need to be decontaminated. After decontamination is complete, a swab analysis of the decontaminated area can be conducted to see if any residual chemicals are still present. A negative result can provide increased confidence that decontamination was successful.

Can the MX908 be integrated onto other platforms such as unmanned ground or aerial vehicles (UGV/UAV)?

The MX908 can be integrated into a variety of systems to provide standoff chemical identification of vapor and aerosolized threats. Possible integrations include:

  • Unmanned vehicles (ground or air)
  • CBRN Vehicles
  • Mail sorting tables
  • Data integrations
What is the limit of detection of the MX908?

The MX908 can identify chemical threats at the low nanogram and parts per billion (ppb) range. This allows users to detect threats at extremely low levels and often, below Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) levels.  This trace capability also enables users to accomplish tasks that are not possible with other bulk detectors, such as:

  • Trace screening at checkpoints to identify drugs
  • Sampling exteriors of packages to reduce operator exposure
  • Establish limits of contamination
  • Verify that a decontamination operation was successful
  • And more…

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