Bioprocess Analytics

Faster Insights
Better Control

Gain actionable insights with real-time monitoring and control of critical bioprocess parameters to improve product quality and increase process robustness and efficiency.

Measure What Matters,
When It Matters

Real-time measurements in upstream bioprocessing are traditionally limited to just a few parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and agitation speed. Other critical process parameters such as glucose, lactate, and amino acid concentrations are often based on infrequent manual sampling and at-line or off-line analysis at a core or external lab.

Driven by PAT and the demand for greater efficiency, process development teams need more data closer to the point of need.

Your Choice for Ultimate Bioprocess Monitoring and Control

Our suite of devices provides the data you need, where and when you need it.

Less Data = Greater Risk

Having long gaps between measurements hinders the ability to control a bioprocess. Critical process deviations may go unnoticed and uncorrected for hours or days.

An incomplete picture: The periodic offline glucose data points shown above paint an incomplete picture of glucose concentration trends. By contrast, the online, continuous measurement reveals much more detail and process knowledge.

Hidden process errors: Without frequent spent media analysis, errors like the misincorporation of an amino acid (shown above) would be invisible during process development

Real-time Monitoring Can Make a Big Impact on Your Process

For Bioprocessing


Raman-based, in-line monitoring and control of multiple bioprocessing key process parameters in up to six bioreactors simultaneously.

For Cell Culture Media Analysis


Analyze fresh or spent media and get quantitative reports for amino acids, dipeptides, water soluble vitamins and biogenic amines.

For Glucose & Lactate


Get valuable insights and control from real-time glucose and lactate monitoring without the loss of bioreactor or fermenter volume.

For Methanol or Ethanol


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