Application Notes & Snapshots

Poster Note: Multi-Level Expeditious Characterization of AAV Capsid Proteins using ZipChip

This poster note presents a novel approach to complete characterization of capsid viral proteins using microchip CE-MS for the characterization of AAVs.

Glucose and Lactate Raman-Based Monitoring with MAVERICK: Performance in Spent Media

MAVERICK provides a plug-and-play, in-line, Raman based PAT solution for monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and biomass in up to 6 bioreactors. This Application Snapshot shows the results from experiments to demonstrate the selectivity of glucose and lactate measurements from MAVERICK in complex spent media samples from CHO and HEK293 cultures.

REBEL Application Snapshot: RPMI 1640 Medium Analysis with the REBEL – Accuracy and Reproducibility Across Multiple Devices

RPMI 1640 Medium Analysis with the REBEL: Accuracy and Reproducibility Across Multiple Devices

This extensive fresh media analysis experiment provides an example of the accuracy and reproducibility of the REBEL device obtained with RPMI media.

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell and Gene Therapy

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell Culture

Application Snapshot Booklet

Download our full collection of application snapshots, with focuses on biologics, CGT, and fermentation.

Screening of chemically-defined media for suspension cultures of HEK293 cells

Across four vendors, there was a high variation in the fresh media composition.

Serum supplemented media analysis is routine with the Rebel

Supplementing RPMI media with fetal bovine serum

Supplementing IMDM media with fetal bovine serum

Amino acid contents of Sf9 and Sf21 insect cell media

Knowledge of the insect cell metabolism coupled with an understanding of the amino acid content of the cell media allows for a more informed process development analytics strategy.

Handle non-ionic surfactants in cell media samples with ease

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Basal cell media with 10% fetal bovine serum

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