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Glucose and Lactate Raman-Based Monitoring with MAVERICK: Performance in Spent Media

MAVERICK provides a plug-and-play, in-line, Raman based PAT solution for monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and biomass in up to 6 bioreactors. This Application Snapshot shows the results from experiments to demonstrate the selectivity of glucose and lactate measurements from MAVERICK in complex spent media samples from CHO and HEK293 cultures.

Application Snapshot Booklet Biologics

Application Snapshot Booklet

Download our full collection of application snapshots, with focuses on biologics, CGT, and fermentation.

At-line spent media analysis is now a reality

To elevate process development decisions to real-time, researchers require new analytical platforms that simplify analysis and accelerate delivery of actionable intelligence.

Differences in fresh commercially available hybridoma media

Select the best CHO media from the start

Performing your own quick assays of the media you receive ensures consistency in the cell media fed to your cells.

Analyze media without removing your mAb on the Rebel

Identify variations in dry and liquid CHO media

Running a quick fresh media assay prior to feeding the culture ensures consistency of the media components when scaling up or during the transition between liquid-to-dry media blends.

Tease out variations in dry cell culture media

Running a simple media assay prior to feeding your cells can ensure that the composition of the media is what is expected.

Don’t sweat your cell media additives

Handle non-ionic surfactants in cell media samples with ease


Maven Poster Note

Automated Glucose Feeding Based On Online Glucose And Lactate Measurements

This poster note describes an automated control strategy for cell growth and biologics production. It leverages MAVEN, a reliable, easy-to-operate, online (sample-free) device for monitoring of glucose and lactate.

Empowering Process Optimization

Empowering Process Optimization for a mAb-Expressing CHO Cell Line

Coupling miniature mass spectrometry (MS) with microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) fulfills an unmet need: simple, rapid at-line nutrient quantitation.

CE-HPMS for Accelerated Process Development

Using CE-HPMS For Accelerated Process Development of a mAb-Expressing Cell Line

The coupling of miniature mass spectrometry (MS) to a microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform provides a simple solution for at-line amino acid quantitation.


Rapid at line quantitation of key nutrients in cell culture media

This poster details the benefits of coupling of miniature mass spectrometry to a microchip capillary electrophoresis platform for characterizing cell media metabolites in fresh and spent media.

Quantitation of metabolites in classical and customized cell culture media by an integrated CE-MS Analyzer

Quantitation of metabolites in cell culture media by an integrated CE-MS analyzer for upstream process development

A Rapid Microfluidic Method for Molecular Weight Determination and Spent Media Analysis of an IgG1 Intact Protein in Growth Media

Rapid at line nutrient profiling from an ammonia stressed CHO cell line


In-line Monitoring of Bioprocess Analysis Parameters for the 21st Century

Now Starts Now: MAVEN Webinar

Now Starts Now: The Future of Glucose & Lactate Measurement

Learn how MAVEN addresses the challenges of on-line nutrient and metabolite monitoring and control.

Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis

Reduce Process Development Timelines and Improve Productivity

This webcast shares a data-driven and accelerated cell culture media screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system.

Enabling Faster Feed Strategy Optimization with Rapid Spent Media Analysis and Data Visualization Tools

Lower Costs, Accelerate Productivity and Time-to-Market with Fast Analytical Tools

Learn how to take charge of your bioprocess development via at-line amino acid analysis empowered by a dedicated bioprocess software tool.

Benefits of Real-time Analytics to Overcome Common Cell Culture Challenges

MAVEN gives you optimized, automated, don’t-even-sweat-it control of glucose and lactate concentrations in cell culture and fermentation.

Multi-Component At-Line Cell Culture Media Analysis

Know your Cells Nutrient Requirements and Accelerate Media Development Timelines

In this talk, Graziella Piras discusses a data-driven and accelerated media screening, selection, and optimization experiment leveraging REBEL.

Add the Missing Pieces to your Predictive Model for Smarter DOEs

Listen how REBEL users describe how they use better data acquisition, management platforms, and process modeling to implement process intensification.

Process Modeling with Researchers from Johns Hopkins University

Listen to a dynamic discussion on the highlights of a new peer-reviewed article exploring model-based approached to cell culture optimization

[Webinar] Bioprocess 101: Cell Culture Media Analysis

Ask the Expert: Bioprocess 101 – Cell Culture Media Analysis

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