Announcing the 3.4 Software Update New Target Release

SW v3.4 will include three new drug targets and one new explosives target.

Announcing the 3.3 Software Update New Target Release

We just released 3 new targets including a fentanyl analog, cannabinoid and precursor.

New Target Update: Preparing for the Next in Synthetic Opioid Trends, Nitazenes  

We just released another nitazene drug target to empower detection of illicit drugs that contain these toxic substances. MX908 now detects four nitazenes.

One Pill Can Kill: Current and Emerging Drug Threats

One Pill Can Kill: MX908 and Counterfeit Pills

The DEA has issued a public safety alert warning against a sharp increase in counterfeit pill overdoses in the US. The MX908 excels at identifying such pills.

The Impact and Rising Danger of the Opioid Epidemic

New Update: Threat-Focused Targets

See the Unseen: Trace chemical detection in the field

Beyond Bulk: Trace Detection of Fentanyl in the Field

MX908 Calls From The Field

Urban Shield 2017: 908 Devices Returns to High-Intensity First Responder Training Program with Next-Gen MX908

One Year Later: ASMS 2017 Validates Mass Appeal of ZipChip Separations Platform

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