Maximizing Decon Efficiency: Solutions for Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Watch this webinar to learn how First Line Technology and 908 Devices products work together to provide robust decon solutions.

Join us for an informative webinar on how to effectively employ First Line Technology’s cutting-edge decontamination systems, including the innovative MX908, to decontaminate jails, cars, and hotel rooms. Our expert panel provides detailed information on how to use these sophisticated technologies to ensure thorough and effective decontamination processes in a variety of scenarios. Whether you work in law enforcement, facility management, or public health, this webinar will provide you with practical knowledge to improve your decontamination practices and protect your surroundings.

  • Demystify fentanyl risks: Understand the real dangers of fentanyl, rather than prevalent falsehoods, to help establish accurate awareness and suitable response plans
  • Identify pollutants: Learn how to use the MX908 to quickly identify a variety of chemical hazards and contaminants, which is essential for targeted decontamination efforts
  • Investigate disinfection methods and technology: Identify innovative decontamination methods and technologies, and then learn how to incorporate them into current protocols to improve efficiency and efficacy in specific contexts
  • Ensure safety and compliance. Learn the best practices for complying with health and safety requirements while conducting decontamination techniques
  • Assess decontamination efficacy: Learn how to measure the success of decontamination activities, guaranteeing a safe and contaminant-free environment after cleanup

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