Metabolomics and Proteomics

Zip through cohorts of biological extracts in minutes

Sample clean-up, derivatization and long analysis times don’t have to slow you down. With ZipChip, you’ll have the same information you get with other methods in a fraction of the time.

No Derivatization

Traditional analysis methods for small polar analytes like amino acids and metabolites eat a ton of time between sample prep, clean-up and derivatization steps, and long analysis times. With ZipChip, there’s no clean-up or derivatization, just dilute your samples and you’re good to go! Qualitative and quantitative results are ready in just a few minutes.

Speed Up Proteomics Workflows

ZipChip lets you skip sample prep, analyze complex proteomics samples as-is, and increase your lab throughput to an all-time high in the process. Because it’s a microfluidic CE-based device, there’s no column-based stationary phase to cause carryover either.

Metabolomics & Proteomics Applications

No matter what your sample matrix is, with ZipChip you just dilute and shoot. That’s it!

CE mass spectrometry


Pop ZipChip on your mass spec as the source. It separates your samples and electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis. There’s no optimization to do or connections to make. Click the chip in place and you’re off. Ready to go assay kits are optimized for each application – no method development needed.

ZipChip Resources:

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