REBEL Consumables

The REBEL is a novel, dedicated cell culture media analyzer designed for rapid, easy, and efficient amino acid and nutrient analysis. REBEL consumables are designed to use on the REBEL platform exclusively.

Consumables That Don’t Consume Your Time

Easy Sample

Just filter, spin, and dilute your samples. There’s no chemical reaction, and it works for both low and high sample throughput needs

Low-Effort Method Development

Use the touch screen to get the sample running. BGE carries the samples through the microchip for ESI-MS detection

Simple System

The REBEL makes it easy with a built-in quantification calibration and system performance check with REBEL SMA standard


30+ analytes including amino acids, vitamins, and amines are quantified in as little as 10 minutes per sample

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What’s in the Kit?

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis Kit comes with everything you need to run cell culture media analysis in your bioprocess lab in as little as 10 minutes per sample.

Ordering Information

Spent Media Analysis (SMA) Kit V2

P/N: 850-00050 (Domestic); 850-00050 (International)

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis (SMA) kit is designed to give you all the consumable components needed to run your samples quickly and move your projects forward faster.

  • 1 x REBEL chip
  • 2 x 250 mL BGE
  • 2 x 125 mL Diluent with internal standard
  • 2 x 96-well microplates
  • SMA Standards

Installation and Operational Qualification (IQOQ) Kit

P/N: 850-00059 (Domestic); 850-00059 (International)

The IQ/OQ kit is designed to give you everything you need to validate and qualify your REBEL install. The kit includes chemicals and REBEL chip required for installation certification and annual PM.

  • 1 x REBEL chip
  • 1 x 250 mL BGE
  • 1x IQ/OQ Standard Kit

Spent Media Analysis Standards V2

P/N: 850-00064 (Domestic), 850-00065 (International)

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis standards set covers 33 analytes including amino acids, amines and vitamins with the lower limit of quantitation 5 µm for all analytes. It is sold separately to supplement SMA consumables kit as needed.

  • 3 x 5 vials Quantitation standard
  • 3 x 2 vials Performance Qualification Standard
REBEL SMA Standards
Spent Media Analysis Kit Flyer
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