Moving Towards a Scalable AAV Vector Production at High Volumetric Efficiency

In this on-demand webinar, Graziella Piras and Prasanna Srinivasan explore approaches to facilitate a cost-effective and scalable vector production at a personalized level. You will learn how you can get the data where and when you need it.

In this webcast, 908 Devices explores approaches to address these technological gaps. This involves utilizing engineered devices, mechanistic model predictions, high-throughput metabolic screening, and molecular biology techniques to facilitate cost-effective and scalable vector production at a personalized level.
The presentation by Prasanna Srinivasan, PhD and Graziella Piras, PhD will delve into strategies employing rapid and straightforward analytical tools at the point of use to swiftly assess key nutrient consumption, providing feedback to optimize feed and supplement addition strategies. Additionally, the use of continuous culture for rAAV production from the triple-plasmid transfection HEK293 system will be discussed.

  • Use of model-driven approach to design, predict, test, and optimize VV production processes.
  • Benefit of using high-throughput metabolite screening to optimize AAV production using triple transfection method.
  • Scale up and transfer to a continuous process at a bioreactor scale.

Want to read a summary on the webinar? Download the resource.

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