For more than ten years, the United States has been grappling with the opioid crisis, which is now extending globally. According to the latest information from the United States DEA lab, 6 out of 10 fake prescription pills that are laced with fentanyl contain a dangerous and potentially fatal amount. Special training is needed for law enforcement to investigate the distinct challenge posed by these low-concentration, yet highly potent, counterfeit pills.

This online webinar will explain the opioid crisis in the US, with a focus on fentanyl. It will provide detailed information about the growing crisis. By examining real cases, you’ll learn how to respond and investigate the scene of a drug overdose effectively.

This webinar will teach you how to go undercover on social media. You will learn how to find and investigate the illegal distribution of fake pills and fentanyl powder. Learn about federal charges for overdoses and overdose deaths to better prosecute and achieve success in these cases.

Meet the Speakers for Fentanyl and Other Deadly Drug Investigations

Bruce is a Senior Law Enforcement Trainer for 908 Devices. He worked for over 24 years in law enforcement in patrol, narcotics, and on federal drug task forces, and retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. Bruce worked for 18 years as a case agent and undercover detective and has extensive experience in night club drug investigations, clandestine methamphetamine labs, marijuana grow operations, and fentanyl/synthetic drug operations. Bruce has worked on a HIDTA interdiction and DEA Task Force, as well as with FBI, HSI and Nevada Gaming. Bruce is the Executive Director and Past President of the Nevada Narcotics Officer Assoc. He was the founder of the Narcotics Education Foundation of Nevada whose mission was to train and educate law enforcement officers on narcotics related issues and events.

Dean is a Detective with the Fresno Police Dept. (FPD). For the last 10 years, he has been in the Major Narcotics Unit where he has worked over 300 drug investigations. Since 2016, Dean has been a Task Force Officer for the DEA in Fresno, CA and he has recently created the Fentanyl Overdose Resolution Team which consists of members from DEA and HSI. Dean was featured in the Emmy-nominated documentary “Killer High: The Silent Crisis.” Dean taught the CA Narcotics Officers Assoc. on fentanyl overdoses and investigations and has also received numerous awards for his work in training and investigations of drug crimes.

Learn More about Drug Detection and Identification

MX908 detects and identifies trace levels of suspected narcotics, including fentanyl, xylazine, and other drugs. This information is critical in drug and overdose investigations. Identification of the specified drug allows law enforcement to react safely and appropriately to the threat. With the rise of the opioid crisis, having knowledgeable intel from MX908 enables law enforcement officers to stay safe, while establishing evidence to aid with the investigation and prosecution.