Join us for an in-depth exploration of how the advanced suite of handheld and portable technologies of 908 Devices are revolutionizing field chemical analysis. This webinar will showcase the integrated use of XplorIR, ProtectIR, ThreatID, and MX908; highlighting their powerful capabilities in rapid, non-destructive chemical identification and analysis.

XplorIR offers unmatched speed in detecting, identifying, and quantifying thousands of gases and vapors using FTIR technology; crucial for immediate answers during high-threat operations. ProtectIR complements this with its rugged design, ensuring reliable bulk solid and liquid chemical identification even in the harshest environments. ThreatID stands out with its comprehensive identification capabilities for powders, liquids, and gases, making it indispensable for homeland security and defense applications. Finally, MX908 provides high-performance, trace-level detection of chemical threats and hazardous materials, empowering first responders with instant, actionable data.

This webinar is tailored for emergency response teams, defense personnel, and security professionals who need quick, accurate chemical analysis in the field. Attendees will learn about the key benefits, applications, and unique features of these technologies compared to other market solutions. Discover how our integrated approach can enhance your operational efficiency and decision-making during critical missions.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the functions and operating principles of XplorIR, ProtectIR, ThreatID, and MX908.
  • Learn how these technologies integrate to provide a robust chemical analysis solution.
  • Understand the capabilities of ProtectIR for bulk-level identification of chemicals in solid and liquid form.
  • Discover how ThreatID can improve safety and efficiency in homeland security and defense applications through its advanced identification capabilities for powders, liquids, and gases.
  • Stay informed on how the MX908 handheld mass spectrometer can provide instant, actionable data for first responders dealing with chemical threats and hazardous materials.
  • Compare these technologies’ key benefits, applications, and unique features with other chemical analysis solutions on the market.
  • Identify the significant differentiators that make XplorIR, ProtectIR, ThreatID, and MX908 superior choices for field chemical analysis.
  • Review real-world case studies demonstrating the effective deployment of these technologies in various field scenarios.
  • Learn best practices for integrating these tools into your operational workflow to enhance decision-making and response times during critical missions.
  • Learn how to use XplorIR for quick and non-destructive identification of gases and vapors in various field environments.