Board of Directors

Fenel Eloi

Fenel Eloi is a highly seasoned life science executive experienced in leading the transformation of small and mid-size companies to large operating global organizations.  During his professional career, Fenel has scaled up operations, expanded businesses both organically and through strategic partnerships and completed a number of public and private financing transactions.  He was most recently the Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., a privately held life sciences company, where he oversaw significant growth of the business over a period of 12 years and provided leadership in the transformation of the company to a global operation.  Prior to that, he was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Interleukin Genetics, Inc., a formerly NASDAQ-listed diagnostic company, for 5 years.  Prior to Interleukin, he was Chief Financial Officer at LifeCell Corp and Genome Therapeutics Corp, both formerly NASDAQ-listed companies, for a combined period of twelve years.    

Fenel currently serves on the board of directors of MitoTherapeutix, a privately held drug development biotech company, where he serves as Chair of the Audit Committee, of CompleteCare IT, a privately held IT service company, and of the Museum of Science in Boston, and is a Managing Partner at P&M Capital Partners.  Fenel previously served on the board of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., a reagents company, and BioHelix Corporation, a diagnostics company.

Fenel has an MBA from Anna Maria College and a BA in Business and Finance from Lee University.

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