MAVERICK is a Raman-based PAT solution that requires no complex modeling

908 Devices Inc. (Nasdaq: MASS), a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop devices for chemical and biochemical analysis, announces the launch of MAVERICK, an optical in-line analyzer that provides real-time monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and total biomass in mammalian cell cultures, in addition to rich process fingerprint data to support large-scale efforts in predictive bioprocess modeling. MAVERICK is the first turn-key device to utilize Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess control, with no modeling and development required. With its in-line optical sampling probe, biopharmaceutical scientists and engineers can quickly develop their cell culture media and design feeding and control strategies.

MAVERICK offers all the advantages of Raman spectroscopy without the cost and complexities associated with conventional spectroscopic methods. MAVERICK’s purpose-built de novo models automatically process Raman spectra from a wide variety of culture media types and cell lines, delivering actionable process parameters or direct process control actions. Open access to the raw process spectral data also enables Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) experts to extend MAVERICK’s capabilities for more advanced predictive control of critical process parameters or quality attributes.

“Traditional Raman-based analyzers require a sharp learning curve for the user which is time-consuming for initial model building and continued model updates,” said Dr. Seongkyu Yoon, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Ward Endowed Professor in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. “With MAVERICK, all the hurdles of traditional Raman have been overcome. This device provides very good measurements independently of cell line, media, and scale, which is very beneficial.”

The MAVERICK hub can monitor up to six bioreactor modules simultaneously, with independent analog/digital control of feed systems for each. Remote real-time web access to bioreactor status and settings is also supported through the MAVERICK hub. Biopharmaceutical process development scientists and manufacturers will be able to enhance process understanding and implement dynamic control strategies quicker and easier, leading to faster time to market and more robust and efficient processes.

“As the biopharmaceutical industry adopts Process Analytical Technologies to drive the advancement of Biopharma 4.0, scientists need an array of tools that enable them to monitor and control their process in real time,” said Christopher D. Brown, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of 908 Devices. “We are addressing this need with our full complement of devices. With MAVERICK, we are introducing a new platform that offers easy-to-integrate in-line analysis and control without the need for substantial expert configuration or set-up. In addition, as a spectroscopic-based device, MAVERICK is extensible to other analytes and parameters.”

908 Devices experts will share more details about MAVERICK during the following events, including at the BioProcess International (BPI) conference in Boston:

  • Webinar (virtual) –
    September 18 at 11am ET – Chris Brown, CPO and co-founder, and Graziella Piras, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at 908 Devices, will co-present this webinar about advanced in-line monitoring for bioprocessing, which will introduce the MAVERICK solution to the marketplace.
  • Scientific presentation –
    September 19 at 9:30am ET – Chris Brown will host a session within the Cell Culture Track at BPI Boston titled, “In-line monitoring of bioprocess parameters for the 21st century,” which will outline advancements in Biopharma 4.0 and the current state of spectroscopy-based approaches.
  • Breakfast seminar –
    September 19 at 10am ET – Nick Randall, Bioprocessing Product Manager at 908 Devices, will conduct a talk at BPI Boston about “out-of-the-box implementation of optical monitoring of critical process parameters,” which will showcase the benefits and use cases of MAVERICK.
  • You can also find 908 Devices at BPI Boston at booth #860.
  • Scientific presentationSeptember 28 at 9am CET – During the World Smart Bioprocessing Summit-Pharma 4.0 in Berlin, Steve Driscoll, Senior Scientist at 908 Devices, will speak about the strengths and limitations of in-line multivariate bioprocess analysis. You can also find 908 Devices at Table 6 during the summit.

MAVERICK is part of 908 Devices’ suite of devices to help expedite bioprocessing development, including MAVEN – introduced earlier this year — and REBEL. To learn more about 908 Devices, please visit:

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