National Biotechnology Month, first introduced by President Clinton in 2000 and celebrated every January, highlights the enormous potential of biotech to improve people’s lives around the world through  life-saving therapeutics. However, challenges still exist in getting drugs to market faster. At 908 Devices, we’re focused on providing scientists with analytics at the point of need that enable them to gain process insights and accelerate workflows.   

At the end of 2023, we were named Analytics Solution Provider of the Year from BioTech Breakthrough, an Awards program that recognizes innovation in the global life sciences and biotechnology industry. Our MAVEN and MAVERICK devices, introduced last year, provide the analytics scientists need to precisely monitor and control critical bioprocess parameters and enhance their process understanding. Our REBEL device continues to provide scientists actionable process insights when they need it most​.   

“The pipeline of therapeutics are becoming more advanced. They’re coming at a faster pace. If you look what’s being asked of a process development lab, they’re asked to do more faster, get drugs to market faster at a lower cost, while keeping safety and efficacy at top priorities.” — Kevin J. Knopp, CEO and co-founder of 908 Devices 


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