Today, we are pleased to announce the release of four additional targets for the MX908 target list. SW v3.4 will include three new drug targets and one new explosives target. We continue to update our target lists as a result of the evolving threat landscape, so that our customers can keep pace with the most relevant threats they could face in the field.

How we choose what targets to add
The MX908 analyzes and identifies priority drugs, chemical warfare agents, explosives, pesticides, toxic industrial chemicals, and precursors. Powered by high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS), the MX908 can see through interferents and cutting agents to identify threat chemicals at trace levels. Having a robust target list that meets our users’ needs is a top priority.

We prioritize and invest in developing new targets based on what concerns our customers. That involves listening to our users on the ground and key trend reports from organizations like the ones below to determine what targets make the cut:

  • United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC)
  • U.S. DEA National Forensics Laboratory Information System (NFLIS)
  • European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

The MX908 is designed to identify targets that are a high priority and critical to customers in the field.

Which targets made the cut this time:

TargetClassWhy is it important?
5F-MDMB-PICASynthetic Cannabinoid3 most prevalent synthetic cannabinoid according to the latest NFLIS report.
p-fluorofentanylFentanyl AnalogAn increasingly common fentanyl analog. According to the CDC, the analog was first reported in 2020 and overdose deaths from it increased 400+ % from 2020-2021.
N,N-dimethylpentyloneSynthetic CathinoneEmerging synthetic cathinone that first appeared in 2021 when eutylone gained global attention and scheduling.
Mercury FulminatePrimary ExplosiveA primary explosive that is highly sensitive to shock, heat, and friction. MX908 is the only field device that can ID mercury fulminate at trace levels.

Always moving forward

We strive to make MX908 more capable every day, so this update will be followed by more to come. Constant improvement is key to keeping pace with today’s threats and giving you the best chemical detection and identification tool we can.