Save Time Using ZipChip

Hear from 908 Devices, Kelly Biggers, Life Sciences Field Sales Manager on how you can save time in your lab and prioritize your time by using ZipChip.

Protein Characterization With ZipChip

Hear from 908 Devices, Kelly Biggers, Life Sciences Field Sales Manager on the benefits of using ZipChip for protein characterization in your lab.

Fast Screening and Characterization of Therapeutic Peptide by Online Capillary Electrophoresis – Mass Spectrometry (CE-MS)

Presenting a novel strategy for characterization of therapeutic peptides was developed based on microchip CE-MS and linkage-specific derivatization. This poster was presented in collaboration with Ningbo University at ASMS 2023 as poster TP544.

Rapid CE-MS Analysis of Released N-Glycan: Optimized Workflow for Direct CE Compatibility

N-glycan profiling is a critical step of biopharmaceuticals analysis as N-glycans play an important part in both activity and safety of monoclonal antibodies and other glycosylated biotherapeutics. This poster was presented at ASMS 2023 as poster MP291.

Benefits of Real-time Analytics to Overcome Common Cell Culture Challenges

MAVEN gives you optimized, automated, don’t-even-sweat-it control of glucose and lactate concentrations in cell culture and fermentation.

Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis (BioPharm International)

Interview: The Key to Unsolved Insights into RNA Characterization?

Recorded at ASMS 2022, Dan Fabris from the University of Connecticut shares his experience with RNA characterization using ZipChip.

Now Starts Now: The Future of Glucose & Lactate Measurement

Learn how MAVEN addresses the challenges of on-line nutrient and metabolite monitoring and control.

MAVEN Product Video

If glucose and lactate measurements run your lab’s schedule, it’s time to meet MAVEN.

MAVEN Specification Sheet

Get all the MAVEN specifications, including measurement range, physical dimensions, and software requirements.

MAVEN Brochure

MAVEN offers monitoring and control of glucose and lactate concentrations during cell culture and fermentation. Download this brochure to learn more.

Microchip CE-MS Analysis of Sialylated N-glycan Linkage Isomers

In this ASMS 2022 poster, Fudan University researchers show a ZipChip-based strategy for qualitative and quantitative analysis of sialylated N-glycan linkage isomers was developed.

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