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Get the unfair advantage with ZipChip.

Mystery peaks? Not anymore.

Charge variant separations like icIEF and CZE are great, but they don’t identify all those interesting extra peaks. ZipChip® can perform high-resolution charge variant separations too in just 3 minutes with little to no sample prep. Here’s the big difference. It adds another layer of information with the power of Native-MS characterization. More data with every run means you can finally pinpoint the identity of those mystery peaks.

See more in a single assay:

  • Charge variant analysis
  • Glycoform distribution
  • Deamidation
  • Oxidation
  • C-terminal lysine truncation
  • Pyroglutamic acid formation
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Run intact. Or don’t.

ZipChip separations for intact biotherapeutic analysis alone gives you more information than other techniques. The same goes for other characterization assays. Run reduced antibodies or full tryptic digests. Separate deamidated and isoaspartic acid variants with a quick peptide mapping assay.

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Not an antibody? No problem.

ZipChip separates subtly different protein variants to characterize complex molecules like glycoproteins or a mix of proteins in one sample. Chips and assay kits can handle complex sample matrices so detergents aren’t a problem either.

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Need small polar analytes fast?

Sample prep is simple with ZipChip metabolite assays. There’s no labeling or derivatization, and no dry down when your sample matrix has organics. Small polar analyte assays take as little as 2 minutes. Add internal standards for full quantitation on a variety of analytes. ZipChip lets you take on anything from bioreactor growth media to metabolites in biofluids like plasma or urine.

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No chance for mistaken identity.

What if your target analytes have the same mass? Your mass spec may not be able to tell the difference, but ZipChip can. It can separate isomers of small molecules and peptides based on subtle structural differences. That means target analytes are unequivocally identified every time.

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Cool new stuff.

Experience the joy of analyzing monoclonal antibodies in their native state!

Detergents slowing you down? ZipChip loves detergents. See for yourself!


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