Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis (BioPharm International)

Now Starts Now: The Future of Glucose & Lactate Measurement

Learn how MAVEN addresses the challenges of on-line nutrient and metabolite monitoring and control.

MAVEN Product Video

If glucose and lactate measurements run your lab’s schedule, it’s time to meet MAVEN.

MAVEN Specification Sheet

Get all the MAVEN specifications, including measurement range, physical dimensions, and software requirements.

MAVEN Brochure

MAVEN offers monitoring and control of glucose and lactate concentrations during cell culture and fermentation. Download this brochure to learn more.

Harness the Power of At-Line Spend Media Analysis to Optimize a CHO mAb Fed-Batch Process

This webcast shares a data-driven and accelerated cell culture media screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system.

REBEL Spent Media Analysis Kits

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis (SMA) kit is designed to give you all the consumable components needed to run your samples quickly and move your projects forward faster.

Empowering Process Optimization for a mAb-Expressing CHO Cell Line

Coupling miniature mass spectrometry (MS) with microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) fulfills an unmet need: simple, rapid at-line nutrient quantitation.

Multi-Component At-Line Cell Culture Media Analysis

In this talk, Graziella Piras discusses a data-driven and accelerated media screening, selection, and optimization experiment leveraging REBEL.

Using CE-HPMS For Accelerated Process Development of a mAb-Expressing Cell Line

The coupling of miniature mass spectrometry (MS) to a microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform provides a simple solution for at-line amino acid quantitation.

‘What’s In Your Media?’ Ebook

Learn about the critical role of cell culture media analysis in biotherapeutics development, including biologics and cell and gene therapies.

Biopharma 4.0: Finding Opportunities to Leverage New At-Line Data

Listen how REBEL users describe how they use better data acquisition, management platforms, and process modeling to implement process intensification.

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