MAVERICK Demo: Ready to Go in Minutes

Watch these MAVERICK demos to see how easy it is to start a bioprocess run.

Instant Implementation of Raman-based Monitoring and Control for Key Upstream Bioprocessing Parameters

Rapid In-Depth Characterization of Biologics by Microchip CE-MS: mAbs, AAVs and Nucleic Acids

Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) has revolutionized the characterization of therapeutic modalities in biopharmaceuticals. Here, we present the applications of an integrated workflow that couples the microfluidic CE system (ZipChip) with MS in characterization of biotherapeutics. This was poster A03 at BPS Europe 2024.

Save Time Using ZipChip

Hear from 908 Devices, Kelly Biggers, Life Sciences Field Sales Manager on how you can save time in your lab and prioritize your time by using ZipChip.

Get to Market Faster With MAVERICK

Hear from 908 Devices, Dan Corcoran Life Sciences Field Sales Manager on the feedback received from current customers using MAVERICK in their lab.

Bioprocessing International Interview

Bioprocess International interviews with Kevin J. Knopp, CEO of 908 Devices, on our bioprocessing devices, specifically MAVERICK. With MAVERICK, your team can stay at the forefront of Bioprocessing 4.0 and fully harness the advantages of real-time in-line bioprocess analysis and control to get to market faster.

MAVERICK: Monitoring of Multiple Bioprocess Parameters Right Out of the Box

There’s no need to deal with complex empirical calibration models, reagents, or unreliable auto-sampling systems to implement in-line bioreactor monitoring.

MAVERICK: Raman-based Monitoring of Multiple Critical Parameters, Ready to Go in Minutes

MAVERICK is powered by Raman spectroscopy and purpose-built de novo model for simultaneous real-time measurements of multiple key process parameters in mammalian cell cultures without the costs, complexities, and risks of conventional methods.

Glucose and Lactate Raman-Based Monitoring With MAVERICK: Performance in Spent Media

MAVERICK provides a plug-and-play, in-line, Raman based PAT solution for monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and biomass in up to 6 bioreactors. This Application Snapshot shows the results from experiments to demonstrate the selectivity of glucose and lactate measurements from MAVERICK in complex spent media samples from CHO and HEK293 cultures.


Real-time bioprocess monitoring and control, right out of the box. In-line measurements of multiple critical parameters across media, across processes, across mammalian cell lines, across scales.

MAVERICK Product Specification Sheet

Get all the MAVERICK specifications including applications, physical dimensions, and more.

Determining Total Cell Count With MAVERICK Biomass Measurements

MAVERICK provides an in-line, Raman-based PAT solution for monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and biomass in up to six bioreactors right out of the box.

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