Leadership Team, Co-Founders

Christopher D. Brown, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

Dr. Chris Brown is a co-founder, VP and CTO of 908 Devices Inc. Prior to founding 908 Devices, Chris was a platform architect at Apple in California leading investigations into future-gen hardware/software technologies. Before joining Apple, he headed Product Development and Engineering at Ahura Scientific and later Thermo Fisher Scientific, which acquired Ahura Scientific in 2010. Joining Ahura in 2004 he established the company’s core embedded analytics and chemometrics capability, led product and market development for the pharmaceutical/industrial vertical, and established the international applications, and scientific support teams. Prior to Ahura, Chris held several senior leadership roles at InLight Solutions developing multiple clinical, in-vivo and non-invasive biodiagnostic products across a range of imaging and spectroscopic modalities. He has published some 150 papers and presentations, and more than 30 granted/pending patents. Chris received his B.Sc. from Brandon University and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dalhousie University where he developed chemometric techniques for mass spectrometry and chromatography.

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