• Elegant Analytical Tools
    from Mass Spectrometry

    We reduce cumbersome, complex systems to tiny revolutionary tools.

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  • Liberating Analysis from
    your Centralized Labs

    Small and simple: chemical detection and analysis
    where you need it, when you need the answers.

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  • Expanding Emergency Responder Technology

    Personalized mass spectrometry for
    proactive incident response.

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  • Priority Threat
    Recognition in Seconds

    M908: multimode chemical detection and
    identification at the point of action.

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Meet M908

M908™ answers the call for greater operational efficiency without compromise. Designed to provide the powerful detection and identification capabilities of mass spectrometry in a rugged, handheld form factor, M908 enables public safety response teams to quickly assess threat levels for rapid incident response. The system’s selectivity allows the operator to focus on the most critical compounds and extreme hazards in liquid, solid and vapor form without the clutter of low-threat background chemicals and with extremely low false alarm rates.

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This is where the magic happens

Our replaceable mass spec core contains molecular ion traps 1000 times smaller than those in conventional systems. These remarkable traps allow operation without extreme vacuum requirements and enable the use of dramatically simpler & more robust components.

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Rethink the central laboratory model.
HPMS technology is inspiring solutions across myriad applications.

Chemical Warfare & TICs

M908 for multiphase chemical agent and toxic chemical detection & identification.

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M908 for trace-level explosive material detection & identification.

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M908 for illicit drug substance identification.

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Liberating knowledge for the ecosystem with HPMS for environmental monitoring.

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Oil & Gas

Redefining analysis with HPMS devices for the oil and gas industry.

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Life Sciences

Reimagining analysis with personal HPMS devices for the life science researcher.

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  • M908 Wins 2014 Gold Award for Industrial
    Design Excellence

    Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) honors M908 with the 2014 Gold Industrial Design Award in the category of portable analytical instruments.

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  • Winner of The Analytical Scientist
    Innovation Award

    908 Devices, an innovator in point-of-need chemical analysis, is delighted to announce that M908, the world’s first and only handheld high pressure mass spectrometer, has been voted first place winner in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2013.

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