If the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing stress of the last year has taught us anything, it’s that accessibility to immediate and accurate testing is paramount to responding to this world health crisis. In a way, the pandemic itself faces the same challenge we sought to address when we founded the company eight years ago: to revolutionize how and where testing and analysis gets done.

In many application areas, the never-ending backlog of testing needs has long caused a strain on laboratories, and the need for high quality information, faster, continues to grow with each passing minute. With the COVID pandemic, everyone is getting a front row seat to the desperate need to have the right answers, at the right time and at the point-of-need.

The overwhelming response to this global health challenge has been enormous and we are grateful for the life sciences community that truly came together, united by a common goal, to develop therapeutics, provide testing and vaccines. Today, the need is COVID, but the demand for sophisticated technology that provides actionable information faster has prompted a more dynamic healthcare and public safety ecosystem, allowing for partnerships and collaborations that may not have been considered previously. While the stakes have been high as of late, I’m hopeful about the rapid discovery, clinical development and R&D we’ll see as transformations occur.

This renaissance is one of the reasons we were fortunate enough to be part of the record number of life sciences companies that went public in 2020. Our commitment to accelerating the commercialization of our products and expanding support of our growing global customer base has not wavered, but we’ve been turbo-charged! We are channeling this urgency and demand into fulfilling our mission of providing point-of-need devices for critical-to-life applications.  Our Mass Spec devices can be used to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, industrial biotech, forensics and adjacent markets.

We are leading a revolution in how chemical and biochemical analysis gets done. Leveraging our proprietary platform technology and approach, we make the extraordinary analytical power of Mass Spec available in devices that are significantly smaller and more accessible than conventional laboratory instruments. Taking Mass Spectrometry out of the confines of a centralized laboratory and bringing it to the point-of-need.

Being a publicly listed company, we hope serves as a validation to our customers that they have partnered with a company that is professional and committed. As a public company, we will have access to the resources needed to launch exciting new products and to support our customers’ missions.

As we look to the future and make mass spec available to the masses, we believe we are just scratching the surface as to what our proprietary platform can do and at its ultimate market potential. We believe we can continue to drive down the size, increase our analyte panels and capabilities, and generally just make things easier for our customers from sample to answer. We are bringing mass spec to the masses and we are going to keep at it.  While we may be in uncertain times as a society, the future of 908 Devices and our larger community is bright, and we’re committed to being there with our customers, on their journeys to find answers, for the long haul.