Today, 908 Devices is becoming a public company on NASDAQ, and I’m honored and humbled to celebrate our initial public offering with our 908 Devices family. Eight years ago, my co-founders and I set off with a shared vision to revolutionize chemical and biochemical analysis. We wanted to change how and where it gets done. We wanted to make it accessible.  The best methods of analysis today run in centralized labs using the gold-standard technology of Mass Spec. It is highly regarded for its ability to provide an exquisite amount of detail across a wide variety of samples— from small drug molecules to massively large and complex proteins. Conventional Mass Spec is the supercomputer of the centralized analytical lab. They are extremely powerful analytical tools, but they are also large, expensive, and pretty complex.

At 908, we are seeking to reimagine where Mass Spec technology can be used if it is sufficiently small in size, low in cost, and simple to operate. We are driven to bring Mass Spec to the masses. As a Nasdaq listed company, we believe we will have access to the resources needed to continue to accelerate commercialization of our products, support our customers, and develop new products that continue to remove friction and give customers the answer they need to move forward faster.

I am so fortunate to be part of such an incredibly strong team who works tirelessly to serve our customers with the goal of delighting them at each opportunity. Our success is truly a testament to their hard work and dedication. It is a proud moment for us at 908 Devices.

Thank you to Nasdaq, to our board, to our investors, to our customers, and to everyone who has supported us on this journey – especially our families. We have come a long way from the lab bench at UNC Chapel Hill eight years ago, but we are really just beginning. We are just scratching the surface as to what our disruptive platform can do and its ultimate market impact.


By: Kevin Knopp, CEO and Co-founder