New Insights Into Peptide Mapping

Peptide mapping is an essential step in the structural verification of recombinant proteins and biotherapeutic molecules. In this technique, proteins are digested into peptides, fractionated by traditional liquid chromatography (LC) methods and then analyzed by Mass Spectrometry (MS). Although this approach can be effective for many peptides, it is slow (often 30 minutes or more per sample), requires complex sample preparation and is incompatible with some sample types such as “sticky” peptides. The ZipChip platform offers simple methods that eliminate these obstacles. Samples are introduced directly into your MS without the need for complex sample prep and separation. By integrating your MS with this microfluidic device that incorporates zone electrophoresis and nanoflow electrospray ionization results are delivered 5X faster than traditional LCMS.

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Proteins – The Big Picture

The ZipChip separations platform offers simple, cost effective analysis of peptide maps with high coverage. It even captures the peptides not effectively analyzed with typical LC approaches. Each sample is run completes in ~15 minutes and you can complement your digest experiments by using this platform to see the intact proteins. This means separation of intact protein mixes and variants with full MS data behind every peak!


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