Illuminating the Edges

Analysis of proteins by digestion and peptide mapping is typically run with Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS). There are limitations: Chromatography is both slow, often 30 minutes or more per sample, and depends on retention of analytes on a stationary phase – incompatible with some sample types. Small, polar peptides typically aren’t retained while large, ‘sticky’ peptides get trapped on column and don’t elute for analysis. ZipChip brings new technology that is both fast and, since it has no stationary phase, can typically see the peptides that LC misses. ZipChip also complements digest data by enabling direct MS analysis of the protein samples intact and in near native states.

Proteins – The Big Picture

ZipChip HS offers a simple, cost effective analysis of peptide maps with high coverage and capturing the peptides not compatible with typical LC approaches. Each sample is run completes in 3 minutes and you can complement your digest experiments by adding ZipChip HR to see the intact proteins – separation of intact protein mixes and variants with full MS data behind every peak!

Empowering Traditional Mass Spec

ZipChip™ uses integrated microfluidic technology to prepare, separate and electrospray biological samples directly into traditional mass spectrometers (MS).

In less than 3 minutes per sample, the cost-effective ZipChip analyzes a broad range of matrices from growth media to cell lysates, blood, plasma, urine and biopharma products. ZipChip delivers answers on analytes from small molecules and peptides up to intact proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates; providing better separation quality than most liquid chromatography instruments — in a fraction of the time — all with full MS identification behind every separations peak. The ZipChip interface simply mounts onto your mass spectrometer for seamless integration with existing data collection and processing.

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