Facing the drug problem head on.

Controlled substances manufactured in clandestine laboratories, smuggled across our borders, or diverted from legitimate medical purposes continue to find their way into our communities. Illicit drugs come in many forms, from pure materials to street-cut mixtures.  Detecting and identifying all of them at trace levels with minimal exposure risk – especially for highly toxic synthetic opioids – is critical.


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Actionable intelligence in-hand.

Emergency Responders, Law Enforcement Officials and Border Security Agents need immediate and actionable intelligence on a wide variety of known and unknown materials. MX908® provides answers in minutes for field analysis, clandestine lab exploitation, and checkpoint operations.

Unseen. But not undetectable.

With sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility mass spectrometry (IMS) and significantly enhanced selectivity, MX908 can detect trace quantities (nanogram levels) of priority threats amongst the myriad of interferents that plague other less selective technologies.

Hunting for drugs.

Drug Hunter Mode is an MX908 Mission Mode that optimizes detection capabilities for drugs like fentanyls, opioids, amphetamines and other high priority drugs-of-abuse. Advanced predictive classification algorithms unlock detection capabilities for more than 2000 fentanyl types.

MX908 Mission Modes

About MX908 Mission Modes

New MX908 Mission Modes enhance performance using specialized software configurations to optimize operational performance of existing hardware for mission objectives.

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