White Papers

White Paper: Area Monitoring for Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

Learn more about area monitoring and how MX908 Beacon is the only area monitor on the market to identify chemical warfare agents, etc.

White Paper: Pesticide Detection and Identification at Illegal Marijuana Grows

With pesticides posing an imminent danger for wildlife in the area, responding law enforcement also find themselves potentially exposed to the hazardous chemicals

Microchip CE-MS: A Powerful Tool for Biotherapeutic Characterization

To help explain the power of this game-changing technology, we partnered with LCGC on a new ebook that covers the topic in-depth.

‘What’s In Your Media?’ Ebook

Learn about the critical role of cell culture media analysis in biotherapeutics development, including biologics and cell and gene therapies.

Using MX908 in Investigations and Court

Users can conduct field analysis of unknown substances at trace levels to generate actionable intelligence in real time to assess threat levels, establish probable cause, and prioritize investigatory resources accordingly, all while reducing operator exposure.

Summary: Characterizing Biotherapeutics Using CE-ESI

Actionable Information from High Pressure Mass Spectrometry

Trace Detection in the Field Expedites Prosecution

Mass spectrometry is classified as a Category A technique by the Scientific Working Group on Seized Drug Analysis (SWGDRG) and ASTM 2329-17 and has been admissible in court for more than 50 years. Download to read more.

Aerosol Hazard Management 101

Read this white paper to learn more about the hazard posed by aerosolized chemicals. You will learn about aerosols and their properties and how to successfully address them in the field.

Operational Response to Fourth Generation Agents

Read this whitepaper written by Christina Baxter Ph.D., to prepare responders with commercially available solutions to detect, identify, decontaminate, destroy, and confirm the destruction of the A-series agents.

A New Approach to Trace Detection

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